The man I knew

You never failed your duties

but maybe people did fail you.

Every morning you would take those steps

which would one day help others to rise,

and then silently leave at the end of the day

with a promise for another tomorrow.

Men whom we are to look upto,

are the ones who don’t portray as heroes

and yet they define them.

Never inconsistent, never dishonest,

always delivering, always persistent.

While I, like most, failed to recognise you then,

today wonders how you might be doing?

Know that today you are a friend

whom someone is dearly remembering.

Unsaid words can never be uttered

for the listeners never return,

my friend you left a lifetime here

and for a lifetime shall I learn.

Wednesday’s Sun

Last week’s Wednesday was quite tough. Sun was just unbearable and so were certain other aspects of my life.

So, I did this…


There was never enough in this world

yet there was always plenty for everybody.

Who compromised or realigned is pointless

because it is all about perspective.

Where you see heaps some will utter mere,

veracity of the exact is uncertain

and so is each and every single story.

Frivolous is the act of those who seek balance

for the world rotates to strike it.

But the efforts aren’t inconsequential

for they give us purpose or sense.

Even there we don’t have it, balance

or, maybe we do by pledging for different houses.

Be aware, the equation will try and strangle you

and later help you to find purpose.

That smile in the end too

will carry questions to ponder and discuss.

Clocked time

It is like a clocked time

given to each on loan.

Within it, you are boundless

but in the end you will be done.

A bargain from death, if you will,

is what we all did to be here.

Some found much while others less,

of all the uncertainties in life, this is clear.

Like any other, this too carries interest

which is to be repaid with depleting time.

What you do here is consequential

and not what you think you should,

deeds are rare but the thoughts are perennial

and hence they are of lesser importance.

A thought which comes to us all, no denial,

our brilliance is timed and shall fade like it.

When is the actual unknown in life.

Gifts that we borrowed must have had a purpose

and life’s is to repay the debt.

Timed is the word to care for

because it doesn’t stop or reset.

Earn to settle the curious fare

of this journey you frequently forget.

Greatest desire

I do not wish of wealth and wine

neither do I care for illustrious fabrics.

Ever since the beginning, I have been waging wars,

building monuments, making literature,

shaping history, spreading love,

bestowing favours, protecting fellow beings,

seeking help, creating and later destroying my creations,

only to be understood by a few I care for.

From primitive till the future, which is yet to come,

a lot has been done and is being done

and yet I was never understood by a few I care for.

Greatest desire of mine is always realised

after I leave or better, in my absence.

For all my strives had only hoped for one prize,

if only I was understood in my presence.


I am afraid of darkness.

It makes me blind.

I have lights in my room

which allow me to walk freely

about my chosen paths.

Yet, there is a residue of fear

which I feel during those walks.

I am a scared insomniac

who doesn’t know how to face darkness.

As soon as the lids close

I tremble inspite of calming down.

My darkness was never the absence of light

but absence of courage.

Wonder about the blind.

Tonight, I shall try to turn the lights off.

Why is it so?

War everywhere


It can be fatal:

not being able to breathe.

Regret is to fail at the trivial

without even realising it.

While lungs are being well fed,

people still suffocate.

Surely something is being misread

perhaps an instruction or caution.

Yet when pondered, it seems unlikely

that each who had gasped, got it wrong.

Maybe it’s the lyrics of the song

which are to be held accounted.

Try breathing with your eyes closed

and laughing with your ears shut,

maybe suffocation will cease to occur

when both body and mind will concur.

Subtle Stories: Step 1, 2, & 3

Why shouldn’t you feel happy?

A big worry that eats me these days is that people feel that they aren’t supposed to feel happy.

Everyone has a past and everybody makes mistake but that doesn’t mean that one loses their entitlement to happiness. The issue with us is that we allow Guilt to consume us to such an extent that even the thought of being happy makes us retrace our steps. We start questioning ourselves: Did I really deserve this happiness?


I will take you through certain steps which you must promise me that you will follow. Once done, I will ask you about your Happiness Index (HI). You will respond on how high is your HI at that time. Choices are: Very Low, Low, Okay, High, Very High.

Ready? Alright.

Step 1. Eliminate everyone and everything for one meal. Take yourself out to breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, whichever suits you. While you are out on a date with yourself, ask yourself these:

Hi, how are you?

How have you been?

Where have you been?

What is going on in your life?

How was your day?

Answer all these questions. Go on, no one will judge. Remember you eliminated everyone.

I’ll tell you what I told me: Read the italics below

Hi, how are you?

Hi, I am alright.

How have you been?

I have been doing okay. Just dealing with a few uncertainties.

Where have you been?

I am not sure tbh. Lately, I have been taking trips to find Me.

What is going on in your life?

A lot and then again, almost nothing. Funny, right? That is the best way I could put it.

How was your day?

It was interesting. Ups and downs along the way like a rollercoaster ride.

Step 2. Now once you have had spent some quality time with yourself, allow your passion to exist. Forget whatever is keeping you away from your passion, just pick it up and go with it. Don’t worry, I am just asking you to do it for like 15-20 mins. That isn’t too much to ask.

*15-20 mins later*

Do I see a smile? (Let me know)

Step 3. Now allow two of your closest people to exist. Remove the label known as relation. They can be anyone from anywhere, of any age. Basically two people with whom you feel the most comfortable.

Got them? Good.

Ask them the same questions you had asked yourself in Step 1. Listen closely to what they have to say. Just listen to them and if and only if they ask for your opinion, share your mind.

Penultimate Step: How is it going? Let me know about it. I hope it is a bit better than what you had started with.

Step 4. Now slowly allow yourself to fit into this world. Use the things you learned about in Steps 1 through 3 and understand that everyone is a puzzle in themselves. You are not to fit in someone else’s story but to put into place different pieces of your own story.

Also understand that not all pieces are the same. One of them is also called being happy. Yes, you read it write. A piece of your own puzzle is called being happy.

Dear Reader, I know it hasn’t been easy. Degree of toughness varies, they say, but then again, degree of vulnerability also varies. The fact that you are still in it only echoes one thing: You want to complete your story (correct me if I am wrong). While you have been more than resourceful in arranging all the harsh and tough pieces of your life, I believe you have been neglecting or better yet avoiding being happy.

Just know that You, Me, the person next to you, the last person you saw smiling, all of us are trying to make out what our puzzle looks like and honestly, most of us aren’t sure.

It is just a puzzle. Relax. You just need to Be Happy (How?)

Follow Steps 1, 2, & 3. Rest everything is just for sustenance.

Care to tell me about your HI? 🙂

No pressure 😀

Intentions and Intuitions

Intentions are hard,

sometimes they aren’t even true.

Usually defensive in nature,

they inflict what they aren’t supposed to.

Intuitions, on the contrary, are shy

for they speak but rather softly.

To inform is what they try to do

but are dismissed rather harshly for being mostly true.

But when we allow intuition to read the former,

the outcome is seldom untrue.

Reality sinks in before it even strikes

and doubt is left to subdue.

An order that must be followed to maintain order

is perhaps the hardest to define and adhere.

Allow your feelings to get conquered by one another,

maybe you will be liberated from those that harm you.

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