The figure and the tree


It was dark and cold that night,
As I was walking through the park.
Drenched in darkness, everything was quiet,
When I noticed a figure behind a tree’s bark.

It seemed unusual for someone to be
Standing at that place during that hour.
So I kept walking hoping he wouldn’t see,
Because I knew something was sour.

As I was heading down the leafy path,
I realised that I wasn’t alone, thinking
“What if the person is a violent psychopath?”
I started shaking to the bone.

I lost the sense of time and place,
And forgot where I was headed to.
Started running just to make an escape,
Forgetting what was false and true.

After a while when I finally stopped,
I looked back to see. Strangely
The whole park was now gone,
Everything but that single tree.

Confused and scared I decided to ask,
What was happening to me?
To my answer a voice said,
“Go and ask the one near the tree”.

When I reached back to the said tree,
I demanded him to reveal himself.
As he came out for me to see, said
“You brought me here all by yourself”.

He showed his face and started to smile
And asked what do I see?
I saw a park which was beautiful once,
But now covered with debris.

The mysterious man revealed his name,
One which I can never forget, said
“I play one of the darkest games,
 Using Fear to settle my debt”.

Said he dwells inside each one of us,
Looking for a chance to break free.
For every time he makes an escape,
He waits behind that tree.


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An engineer who finds joy, comfort and peace by writing poems and strumming chords. Come, let me take you to an alternate reality.

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