Platform No. 1


With teary eyes and a heart in pain,
Standing in that beautiful rain,
He gazed at that quiet green lane,
And said, “Here I end my reign”.

Packed with memories to last for ages,
Smiled and wrote on those final pages,
“Everything that happens, happens on the stage,
While we portray what is written on the page”.

As he waited for the train to arrive,
He decided to go back in years by five,
Found a boy who learnt how to survive,
And knows that he has what it takes to thrive.

Happy with all that he received and gave,
A boy who became clever and brave,
Is now a man matured with time,
Standing at the end of the climb.

Time was up and departure was near,
He picked up his bag and wiped his tear,
Boarded the train to a life unclear,
As it was time for the man to disappear.

-All good things must come to an end.

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An engineer who finds joy, comfort and peace by writing poems and strumming chords. Come, let me take you to an alternate reality.

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