Sea and Sky

Long before the birth of time,
Long before men knew crime,
Long before the world became small,
Lived two souls in a place so fine.

They were illustrious, they were strong,
Bonded to each other beyond right and wrong,
Their spoken words became a never ending song,
Sea and Sky, knew where they belong.

Sea was deep, calm and just, whereas
Sky was sweet, honest, full of trust.
Two friends whose love killed evil with rust,
One never realised that the other was a must.

Love grew stronger as did their world,
Whenever Sky cried, sea whirled,
Preserved every tear as a gem in his heart,
Sea reflected Sky who was his world.

Sky took care of Sea and his wrath,
Used her wind to clear Sea’s path,
And with time they knew they were meant to be,
But fate never answered the two lover’s plea.

Both cried that night when the truth was presented,
One screamed while the other was tormented,
Waves rose high just to hug his Sky,
But couldn’t even touch her as he couldn’t fly.

Sea and Sky knew the time has come,
There was utter silence, everything was numb.
Out of pain, God gave them a boon,
“You can meet each other only on this full moon”

The day came and both met at a shore,
Sea held Sky as they stood on the sandy floor,
They hugged and kissed and held each other’s hand,
Sea lifted her up, the moment was forever grand.

He sang to her and kissed her on the forehead,
And saw that the night is almost dead,
He said, “So what if we cannot be together today,
Sea and Sky will meet where infinity loses its way”

"I am going but I will never be gone,
I will see you be it night or dawn,
I may not be there where you are,
But my heart will always reflect your star."

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An engineer who finds joy, comfort and peace by writing poems and strumming chords. Come, let me take you to an alternate reality.

3 thoughts on “Sea and Sky

  1. Oh I never knew that u r a poet too. Loved it a lot really @ the thoughts, the feels, the inner meanings were so wide and clear just as the sea and the sky. Would love to go through more of your poems and will share some of mine too. U rock. Keep expressing coz these are wat we r .

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