House by the lake

On a cold dark night at around 2,
While reading and enjoying my hot brew,
I heard a knock on the main door
And a fading sound of walking shoes.

Alarmed and awake I asked for a name,
But nobody replied, no sound came,
I took my gun and headed towards the door,
And hoped that I won't have to use my aim.

On the other side, laid a small letter,
Who wrote it?, God knows better.
I picked it up and went to my room,
To read and understand the entire matter.

"Hello my friend, my name is Paul,
You don't know me but I know all,
I lived here way before you did,
In the room right by the hall.

I hope you are doing well,
Your poems always have a story to tell,
I know you must be very curious right now,
Does the attic still have that smell?

Don't be scared you are all alone,
I am the one whose house you now own,
Just wanted to let you know about me,
A past owner who now sleeps by the stone."

Eyes became wide and hands started to shake,
Was I dreaming or was I really awake?
Till date that night raises so many questions,
A letter addressed to the house by the lake.

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