State of Mind


In a lane where vines had grown,
Two were walking, together yet alone.
None was good and none was bad,
Let me narrate what I was shown.

Engulfed in darkness and in rain,
While walking in that very lane,
A dark figure caught our sight,
Scaring me while the guard remained sane.

Later ahead as it got filled with thorns,
Caused pain more than I could Bourne.
Blood started to leave its mark, But
the soldier beside took the bull by horns.

Tired of walking I felt a rage,
Trapping my mind, my heart in a cage.
Blinded by anger I lost my wisdom,
While the beggar endured his share like a sage.

On reaching the very end of the lane,
I asked a man, old with a cane.
Why were things so different for them?
It's the State of Mind, he said. No loss no gain.

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