Mind Palace


Wear a bag on your back
Find a thrill in your heart.
Take time out to enjoy, to relax.
Come! We need to start.

Board a train or bus or even a car,
Without knowing where it’s Bound.
Through words let me take you far,
A journey which can only astound.

Read, write, paint or simply dance,
Whatever you like, you are free to do.
Have some faith, take a chance,
Trust me! What you see is true.

No need to rush, enjoy your escape.
Time exists only here and not in mind.
Take a picture of that happy landscape,
And leave the reality far behind.

Calm and rejuvenated?; It’s time to return.
That smile on your face is what I earn.
Hope these words darkened those concerns,
Let’s go back now, a lot is left to learn.

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