Oh hello, thank you for visiting my blog. Hope everything is fine on your side.

Usually I post Poems here and share my thoughts and emotions with all you people. However, today is different. Today I want to tell the world why I write Poems. Yes! that is right. I want all my readers and blog followers to know why I started The Poet and the Pen at the first place.

So as I Jot down my 50th Poem on my Birthday I’ll say one thing only…

Read to know…know to read


Funny would be the word I’d use,
While describing the world we live in.
Never really certain of what to deduce,
Earth and his identical secret twin.
Funny because of all that takes place,
While half of us laugh and half cry.
And as I struggled to make my case,
I started writing, no I was not shy.
I saw the words spoken by man,
Perceived as something they didn’t imply.
Even with utmost care and plan,
Ears missed what was there in the eye.
I saw a bondage amidst the talks,
To speak what is considered as right.
A curse which is nothing more than a hoax,
Thus I decided to write.
To speak freely without saying a word,
And be heard for what I say,
And be able to express what my heart heard,
Written words never betray.
Now that I have shared my story, I invite you to share yours.

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An engineer who finds joy, comfort and peace by writing poems and strumming chords. Come, let me take you to an alternate reality.

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