Subtle Stories: Judgement

So this happened in Jan’20, day was Monday and time was around 11:20 pm. A sad and worried Dev who got fired from his job today was sulking at this bar where this incident took place.

“It’s alright, things like these happen and you cannot control it.”, said a calm voice standing right next to Dev. “Sorry?, but do I know you or anything?”.

“Why don’t we skip this drill of introductions and formalities and address the elephant in the room?, Your misery”, said the vibrant personality.

Dev: “Interesting!, Tell me what do you think is going on?”.

X: “Your frequency of drinking is very high tonight, that means you intent on being drunk. Either you are too happy or too sad. You have no company with you therefore clearly you are not celebrating anything, hence sad. Which means something bad has happened to you but you do not want to share that with your friends, hence private. My conclusion is therefore, either you got dumped by someone you love or you lost someone forever.”

Dev, smiles and says, “Yes, I am angry and sad because I got dumped by someone I love.”

X: “So, now tell me, what are you planning to do?, think of me as this person who has been sent to make sure your pain is reduced.”

Dev: “I plan on doing nothing right now, absolutely nothing.”

X: “Woah! That’s a tough one. You sure you can do that?”.

Dev: “Of course, it’s simple. I don’t have to do anything.”

X: “The concept of not doing anything also means not reacting to anything and keeping complete calm. Can you do that?”.

Dev: “I am not sure, no perhaps. Okay you tell me what should I do?”.

X: “What do we do when we fail or fall or get rejected or in your case get dumped?”.

Dev: “……….”

X: “We celebrate, You fool!.”

Dev: “Hey bartender, this person is drunk. No more drinks for this person.”

X: “Thanks man, I anyway prefer Mocktails. I know you may think I am crazy but hear me out. The sole reason of our misery is our acceptance. There is a difference between acceptance and acknowledgement. This line is important, Acknowledge your pain and misery but don’t accept it.”

Dev: “So basically…run away from reality?”.

X: “On hearing one or two lines, it is only humans, stupid humans, who jump to conclusions like that. No, it’s not running away from anything. Just dont accept that failure as a part of you dude. Misery can be caused to a variety of other factors as well but we always tend to put it on ourselves…WHY?!?”.

Dev: “Never really thought someone will ask me to celebrate after this. How should I celebrate?”.

X: “So, you got dumped right?, great now you too need to dump this sad face of yours and realise that one judgement does not mean SHIT!. Get drunk, party, go have fun.

Do what you always wanted to and no matter what happens, remember to have fun.”

*Dev’s phone rings*

Dev: “I’ll call you back later”.

X: “Hey, tell me something, how old was this relationship?”.

Dev: “12 years.”

X: “Woah! That’s rough. Why did she leave?”.

Dev: “Not She, It. And It didn’t leave, I was let go from a company by my boss’s boss without even meeting him/her. I mean, who does that??? If you are going to fire someone, at least tell them up front!!!

All I got was a glorious recommendation and no reason for letting me or 15 other Senior Managers go.”

X: “I am sure they valued you but then again you never know what was their reason behind this step. Let’s give that company the benefit of the doubt after all it nurtured you for 12 years and you loved it, so It must have been nice to you, wasn’t it?”

Dev: “Yes, for 12 years Ethop Corp. was my life and everything. I loved it and the people there a lot. They were like a family to me.”

X: “Wait a second, Ethop?, Did you say, Ethop Corp.?”.

Dev: “Yeah, Why?”.

X: “Who was your boss there?”.

Dev: “Joseph Mckinzey, why? Do you know anyone from that place?”.

X: “Yeah many, including Joseph. “

Dev: β€œHow?”.

X: β€œI am their boss and even I am here to clear my head around firing some employees because the company can no longer afford to keep them.”


Moral: Sometimes the people that fail us, reject us or hurt us, do not even know that they are doing so. They do so because even they are bound to certain situations but that does not mean they do not value us or care for us. Before you develop an opinion, try to think from the other side’s perspective as well.

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