Even though I claim to be a Poet, I never wrote on Love. But today, I want to write on this topic. While it may be one of the most cliched topics, we cannot deny that it is what we all truly seek.

They say Poets are the ones who had their heart broken at some point of their lives, I don’t concur with this notion. Poets are simply those who find every single small detail of life beautiful and narrate it to selves in Rhymes. That’s all a Poet is.

What is Love?

Brought to you by the ambassadors of Love, #Poets&Poetess (that’s the general thought)


The only emotion which is selfless,

And wishes to see just a smile.

Calming and Stimulating in itself,

Allowing the world to reconcile.

Makes you better and miserable at the same time,

And teaches you about self in proses and rhymes, 

It allows every other emotion to come,

While someone else becomes more important for once.

It is nature’s most beautiful crime,

Not limited to anyone or any time.

A flower which comes with thorns and petals

And smells like the Morning Rain,

Love is series of battles,

Where sometimes a loss is a gain.

The most difficult yet the most easy task,

Love is where you do and don’t ask.

It’s a simple feeling where you unconditionlly care,

Love, a game we play knowing isn’t fair.

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An engineer who finds joy, comfort and peace by writing poems and strumming chords. Come, let me take you to an alternate reality.

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