The man I knew

You never failed your duties

but maybe people did fail you.

Every morning you would take those steps

which would one day help others to rise,

and then silently leave at the end of the day

with a promise for another tomorrow.

Men whom we are to look upto,

are the ones who don’t portray as heroes

and yet they define them.

Never inconsistent, never dishonest,

always delivering, always persistent.

While I, like most, failed to recognise you then,

today wonders how you might be doing?

Know that today you are a friend

whom someone is dearly remembering.

Unsaid words can never be uttered

for the listeners never return,

my friend you left a lifetime here

and for a lifetime shall I learn.

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An engineer who finds joy, comfort and peace by writing poems and strumming chords. Come, let me take you to an alternate reality.

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