Which way, please?

There aren’t enough paths in this world to walk on,

Which is why I often bump into people I don’t know.

Some are pleasant, some not so much

But hey how am I supposed to know?

On my way I often learn a few things

Which may or may not come in handy.

Some are important, some are not

But hey, I never know when to be ready.

Often, I take a few wrong turns

And end up at places I have no purpose to be.

Some bring opportunities, some trouble

But hey, the map says to learn and let it be.

Good thing is that the population varies

For the crowd seldom follows the ways of heart.

All I know is that I will have plenty of stories

When in the end it will all fall apart.

For now, let me take a left

Because I do not know what is right.

Glad that you and I walked this far.

The concept of forever is really not so bright.

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An engineer who finds joy, comfort and peace by writing poems and strumming chords. Come, let me take you to an alternate reality.

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