About Nishant Gang

An engineer who finds joy, comfort and peace by writing Poems. Come with me and escape the reality word by word.


Doubted yesterday,

Trusted today,

Tested and proven

you are.

To some, above

To some, below

their level.

Maybe near, maybe far.

Never absolute,

Right and refute,

You are what

You are.

Never loved,

Never hated,

By each and every

you met so far.

Leader to many,

Follower to many,

Your impressions vary

like the gazer which is bizarre.

As long as you know,

As long as I know,

No one will ever know

What others are.

A Sparrow

As I was getting ready for another day,

I heard a pecking noise on my window.

All right already!

And there he was, a little sparrow.

He flew and sat on my hand

And tried to tell me something.

Little friend, I cannot understand

Whatever you are saying.

On my table was a picture of my family

Which the sparrow knocked down.

That was unnecessary, buddy!

And thus made sense, that pecking sound.

My new apartment stands over his old one,

It was I who was pecking.

I invaded his house while he was gone,

And it was I who wasn’t understanding.

~ The Rightful owner had returned

An old Picture

You never know what lies ahead.

True, I did not

and I shall forever be glad

for all that I have got.

It started when I saw an old picture

and relived that time again.

Human is an interesting creature

changing every now and then.

I changed, for good or worse?

Time shall judge.

But when I sat across that young boy

I found that we are still quite similar.

Maybe we seem changed for the world

and deep down are still those innocent believers.

Maybe we aren’t so different.

That is how it is

So I ask you to tell me the truth once again

and hope that this time you will not falter.

It’s easy. Just don’t pretend

and everything will be better.

There is no choice, is there?

It’s between us and we shall decide.

If you must know, know that I care

and just like truth, care cannot hide.

I know you made a mistake

Yet I choose to be by your side

because that is how it is.

Emotions don’t abide.

A little while back

With steps, I realise that my pace has changed.

Stomping is harder now for my shoulder feels heavy

and eyes which used to see straight, looks down.

Even the shadow seems weary.

Yet, I never felt this burden until now

and only saw it when I did.

A little while back it was easy somehow

but now I must admit, I am growing up.

So should I be happy or should I be upset?

Answer is probably neither

for you see, even though my soles are wearing off,

My Soul is definitely a bit wiser.

What would you have me say?

There comes a time when the brook’s flow diminishes,

Sun’s light gets obstructed, we falter on our wishes.

Source of smile pokes like a thorn and stability just decreases.

Magic seizes to happen and inspiration besieges.

What would you have me say then?

I would prefer some silence

For it will break again when

The flow gets restored.

Blue Sky

Sometimes it helps to be blue.

In the overcompensating sound of being fine

we often miss out on hearing what is actually true.

Suppress it, says the entire design.

After a thunderstorm the birds’ sound

appears to be clear, distinct and soothing.

Be that bird when this phase gets over,

Until then prepare your speech.

The clouds will move on, they have to

and your sunlight too will reach.


Created Selfish


The story of the Selfish

says, it is wrong to be so.

One must do and appear to please

others even if it is for a show

and live up to the proprietary expectations

where judgement is rather fast than slow.

At the sight of even a glimmer of dream or desire,

the Selfless ones as they think so

will label and chop the small bird.

Beat it down till it becomes featherlessĀ 

and call it a sheep of the herd.

Mere age doesn’t qualify for judgeship

and mere dreams or desires doesn’t make one selfish

but if it does, then please know this:

I am Selfish.