8 by 8, black and white, 
Sometimes wrong sometimes right, 
Depicts life as we know, where 
Quiet wins and losers fight.

Each step full of thoughts, 
Move ahead while joining the dots,
Make sure to check all ways, 
Because life is such, full of plots.

Smart always finds a way, 
Calm knows when to prey, 
Confident uses his charm to succeed,
But only a knight knows how to play. 

This place you see is a board, 
8 by 8 guarded by sword,
Think like a maestro to win, 
Life is chess, be it's lord.

House by the lake

On a cold dark night at around 2,
While reading and enjoying my hot brew,
I heard a knock on the main door
And a fading sound of walking shoes.

Alarmed and awake I asked for a name,
But nobody replied, no sound came,
I took my gun and headed towards the door,
And hoped that I won't have to use my aim.

On the other side, laid a small letter,
Who wrote it?, God knows better.
I picked it up and went to my room,
To read and understand the entire matter.

"Hello my friend, my name is Paul,
You don't know me but I know all,
I lived here way before you did,
In the room right by the hall.

I hope you are doing well,
Your poems always have a story to tell,
I know you must be very curious right now,
Does the attic still have that smell?

Don't be scared you are all alone,
I am the one whose house you now own,
Just wanted to let you know about me,
A past owner who now sleeps by the stone."

Eyes became wide and hands started to shake,
Was I dreaming or was I really awake?
Till date that night raises so many questions,
A letter addressed to the house by the lake.


Sun was up and the eyes were down,
A story of a man from a distant town, 
Walking quietly on his way to work, 
Kept looking for an answer around.

What is it that makes us great? 
Or is it just a game of fate?
One thing that brings us only respect, 
And ensures that we never stagnate.

Pondering as he walked alone, 
Saw two people standing by a stone, 
One was harsh while the other was polite, 
Thought, "Maybe the answer lies in our tone".

Not sure if he found it or not, 
He kept walking till he reached his stop, 
Realised the answer can never be fate,
It must be something that cannot be taught.

The sun was up and the eyes were down, 
Drenched in sweat he was walking around, 
When suddenly he met this man,
In a torn white outfit all rugged and brown.

The simple man had nothing to say, 
Gave our traveller some water on his way, 
But our seeker who was amazed, said
"Thank you my friend, I shall never forget this day".

With a smile on his face he started again, 
And realised that the answer is simple and plain.
What is it that makes us great?
The art of being humble, of being humane.

C’est la vie

Haunting silence everywhere I see,
I keep asking, where am I supposed to be?
Is anything actually true or just a lie?
Seems like no one can answer this plea.

I see so many walking around,
Some are free while some are bound, tell me
Why does happiness come only to a few?
Are we to wait or is it to be found?

What is it that makes us run?
Is it the search or is it the fun?
Maybe it is both maybe neither,
I’ll let you know the day I am done.

Haunting silence everywhere I see,
Nothing but calm old trees,
I don’t know who whispered to me,
Said, “Everything is simply meant to be”.

Maybe it was someone or maybe it was I,
It doesn’t matter how or why,
All I know is my plea was heard,
By someone who is really shy.

Is anything actually true or just a lie?
Why happiness doesn’t often come by?
What is it that makes us try?
The answer lies between laughter and cry.

Sea and Sky

Long before the birth of time,
Long before men knew crime,
Long before the world became small,
Lived two souls in a place so fine.

They were illustrious, they were strong,
Bonded to each other beyond right and wrong,
Their spoken words became a never ending song,
Sea and Sky, knew where they belong.

Sea was deep, calm and just, whereas
Sky was sweet, honest, full of trust.
Two friends whose love killed evil with rust,
One never realised that the other was a must.

Love grew stronger as did their world,
Whenever Sky cried, sea whirled,
Preserved every tear as a gem in his heart,
Sea reflected Sky who was his world.

Sky took care of Sea and his wrath,
Used her wind to clear Sea’s path,
And with time they knew they were meant to be,
But fate never answered the two lover’s plea.

Both cried that night when the truth was presented,
One screamed while the other was tormented,
Waves rose high just to hug his Sky,
But couldn’t even touch her as he couldn’t fly.

Sea and Sky knew the time has come,
There was utter silence, everything was numb.
Out of pain, God gave them a boon,
“You can meet each other only on this full moon”

The day came and both met at a shore,
Sea held Sky as they stood on the sandy floor,
They hugged and kissed and held each other’s hand,
Sea lifted her up, the moment was forever grand.

He sang to her and kissed her on the forehead,
And saw that the night is almost dead,
He said, “So what if we cannot be together today,
Sea and Sky will meet where infinity loses its way”

"I am going but I will never be gone,
I will see you be it night or dawn,
I may not be there where you are,
But my heart will always reflect your star."

The two faced man

Speaks and greets like he is a friend
  Cleverest of all who knows how to pretend
  Envelopes each lie with words,
  A man who knows the art of blend.

Prone to jealousy, hatred and greed 
A friend who isn’t a friend indeed
Lurks quietly in search of your wounds
Only to stab you and leave you to bleed.

Hollow inside and weak at heart 
A crippled man who cannot play his part 
Manipulates everyone in order to survive 
Using his tools from the very start.

He is the devil disguised as a friend 
He is the guide to the darkest end 
A companion who decieves when asked to defend
The Two Faced man, he knows how to pretend.

The simplest curve

I don’t need words to be heard,

I don’t need a voice to shine,

I can settle any conflict incurred,

I am a simple curved line.

I can stimulate happiness in you,

I can make you look nice,

I can make the negativity go, “shoo!”

I am nature’s most powerful device.

I can cleanse the aura that surrounds,

I can keep illness at bay,

I am priceless, can’t be bought by pounds,

Only you know where I stay…

Meet me as frequently as you can,

I will come no matter where and when,

If together, I will shield you from harm,

Smile they say, hidden in your charm.

Platform No. 1


With teary eyes and a heart in pain,
Standing in that beautiful rain,
He gazed at that quiet green lane,
And said, “Here I end my reign”.

Packed with memories to last for ages,
Smiled and wrote on those final pages,
“Everything that happens, happens on the stage,
While we portray what is written on the page”.

As he waited for the train to arrive,
He decided to go back in years by five,
Found a boy who learnt how to survive,
And knows that he has what it takes to thrive.

Happy with all that he received and gave,
A boy who became clever and brave,
Is now a man matured with time,
Standing at the end of the climb.

Time was up and departure was near,
He picked up his bag and wiped his tear,
Boarded the train to a life unclear,
As it was time for the man to disappear.

-All good things must come to an end.

The figure and the tree


It was dark and cold that night,
As I was walking through the park.
Drenched in darkness, everything was quiet,
When I noticed a figure behind a tree’s bark.

It seemed unusual for someone to be
Standing at that place during that hour.
So I kept walking hoping he wouldn’t see,
Because I knew something was sour.

As I was heading down the leafy path,
I realised that I wasn’t alone, thinking
“What if the person is a violent psychopath?”
I started shaking to the bone.

I lost the sense of time and place,
And forgot where I was headed to.
Started running just to make an escape,
Forgetting what was false and true.

After a while when I finally stopped,
I looked back to see. Strangely
The whole park was now gone,
Everything but that single tree.

Confused and scared I decided to ask,
What was happening to me?
To my answer a voice said,
“Go and ask the one near the tree”.

When I reached back to the said tree,
I demanded him to reveal himself.
As he came out for me to see, said
“You brought me here all by yourself”.

He showed his face and started to smile
And asked what do I see?
I saw a park which was beautiful once,
But now covered with debris.

The mysterious man revealed his name,
One which I can never forget, said
“I play one of the darkest games,
 Using Fear to settle my debt”.

Said he dwells inside each one of us,
Looking for a chance to break free.
For every time he makes an escape,
He waits behind that tree.


From the Epic !


From a time which is now lost in pages,
Comes a tale passing through the ages,
Written and told from time to time, about
A war that erased the sinners and their crime.

Fought between the right and the wrong,
With gods and men fighting along,
The war lived till the 18th day, 
After the evil tricked the nobles in a play.

Fierce and skilled men stood on both sides,
Some fought with valour while some traded their pride,
The war claimed many and spared only a few,
In the end, settling all that was due.

The war that ended when the eldest died, while
The charioteer portrayed himself as a guide, taught
When the learned fails to teach the fool,
And when Ego, Lust, Greed and Anger are the crown’s jewel…

Comes a great war where the evil perishes and the virtuous rule.

“Whenever there is decay of righteousness, O Bharata,

And there is exaltation of unrighteousness, then I Myself come forth;

For the protection of the good, for the destruction of evil-doers, 

For the sake of firmly establishing righteousness, I am born from age to age.”

-Lord Krishna, Bhagwat Gita


Note :-

  1. The eldest” mentioned in P4, L1 refers to “Duryodhana”, the evil prince from the epic, The Mahabharata. 
  2. The charioteer” mentioned in P4, L2 refers to “Krishna”, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu.