I would love to

A message from one to another. 



And when this all will be over,

Would you take a walk with me?

We shall revisit our favourite places,

Drink lots and lots of coffee.

Crib about calorie intake

while eating a 3 course meal

and share that pudding cake,

Your presence makes me heal.

Talk about our days

and laugh at our old mistakes.

Convey so much without saying,

Let our eyes do the talking.

You pick me up and I shall drop you later,

Hours pass while we discuss silly matters.

And then when this all will be over,

Would you take a walk with me?

I know I would want to

Because I Love You.



One Day!

I see glimmering lights,

Pictures being clicked.

Blissful nights,

And my wave doing tricks.

I see a grand welcome,

And smiles all perfect.

In the presence of loved ones,

An atmosphere just so correct.

I am a hero there,

And they are mine to care for.

After completing the day to day affair,

I came home through the door.

♦️Not all spotlights need a red carpet.

तू आबाद है

Life is not ideal. Every aspect of life screams that fact. So it’s better if we understand this fact and face the reality.

We all have this tendency to daydream, live in our own crafted world where we are ever innocent and everything else is flawed. Wake up people, that’s not true.

And do you know the sad part about all this?

Even after we realise that we are doomed, we are stuck in this unfair game of life, we forget that we are perhaps the luckiest of the bunch.

If you feel this, feel what I am trying to say, you will get it.

You are lucky! I am lucky! We all are lucky!

Any thoughts?



अरे अगर सिर्फ सांस लेना ही जीना होता,
तो बेहोश को होश की जरुरत न थी.
और हर दिन अगर अच्छा होता,
तो फिर बात ही क्या थी.

पर ऐसा नहीं है.

पर ऐसा नहीं है और यही तो बात है,
अरे दुनिया भी दोगली है,
यहाँ दिन है तो वहा रात है.
इसीलिए समझ जाओ अब.

इसीलिए समझ जाओ अब, क्युकि समय बहुत ख़राब है,
यहाँ तो हसने के लिए भी चाहिए होती शराब है.
सब देख के भी अगर सपने में जीता है तू, तो तू बर्बाद है,
फिर भी नहीं जानता कि तू कितना आबाद है.