Can I?


Often in the evening strolls

a realisation sneaks up

which recalls something really tough.

Should I continue or give up?

The stigma of latter can be rough

but what if I am fed up?

Nothing will ever be enough.

Characterisation has made it hard to give up

even on something which makes me miserable.

So I started to bluff to myself…

The worst kind of gamble.


Please don’t berate me for leaving now.

I tried but couldn’t finish somehow.

Only a human, I am.

I wish I had a backspace key now.

Regardless of what they say,

What they say does matter.

Let me find a better way,

Allow me to choose the latter.

I shall come back better,

I shall come back brighter,

I will feel honest and lighter.

Giving up does not make me any less of a fighter.



If something makes you miserable, there is no shame in giving it up. Giving up to try something new is actually a sign of bravery.

-Nishant, The Poet and the Pen.

Subtle Stories: I am Batman

A father smiled as his son imitated Batman and asked, Why do you love him so much?

S: Because he does what a hero can…, saving the world from evil’s touch.

F: And what about his loved ones? Are they okay with it?

S: They have to be, he does it for the greater good.

F: I hope you too see it, his loved ones did what they should.

(9 years later, the phone rang at 2 am. There was a major explosion in the city.)

F: Son, I must leave for duty awaits. Biggest crisis just came and I must be the first one through the gates. My men need me.

S: But why always you, father?, said the wet eyes, I don’t want you to go. I hope you realise.

F: Don’t weep for me son, I am doing this for you guys. I’ll be back again, just when the sun is in the sky.

S: From where do you find so much heart? And why can’t others do their part? Why should your family see your depart? Who are you father and how do you start?

F: I am Batman.