It is the predictable we adore,

The detectable we choose to buy.

If consistency is to strive for,

Being consistently inconsistent is my try.

Fact remains simple, nothing is for sure,

Those who act as consistent infact actually lie.

A confession, a reality check




No one knows anything.

The world is full of endless possibilities,

Farthest corners fathom different realities,

Our saneness can be insanities,

Let’s be real, bewildering is humanity.


So therefore I ask before I get judged,

Who is to say my beliefs are fudged,

And who am I to hold any grudge,

As long as we maintain our own course, peace will be untouched.


Let’s be real for once.

Stop following the pre-set rules,

What worked for others won’t do the same for you, you fools,

Pardon me for who am I to judge,

It is complicated, exigent and cruel.


Let’s be real at last.

I cannot speak for others but for I,

My way is to try, fail, try.

Even we find it difficult to understand what we have written,

Underneath my wordish wisdom I too am just a guy.

I can see only what I saw,

Therefore I ask you to walk some more,

We all are perfect with our flaw,

Read from others but learn to explore.