It’s like wanting some air to breathe

and stay still for a minute or two.

Allow me to pass please

for I am tired to continue.

Where can I find that open ground

with no one lurking around

and scream at the top of my voice

without being question bound?

All this pretension is making me sick,

Every person has to offer some or the other trick

but all I want is to be left alone for a while

because I know what I need to fix.

My voice is only heard when it is answering 

to the questions I incur.

It is like I have stopped talking to myself now

because my space has been invaded somehow.

Let me hear my voice again

with utmost silence everywhere

and allow me to talk it out

because lately, seclusion is all that I can think about.

Leave me alone for a while, fellow dwellers.

Let me grieve for a while, fellow strangers.

Let me speak to the one in the mirror

and help that man in getting better.

Let me be.

Needled Heart

Do you ever feel a pinch in your heart as if something pointy is just trying to pierce it?

Not a good feeling at all. I sometimes feel so as well and I don’t know why but it happens out of nowhere and makes me feel bad. The whole day goes by in laughter and smile and then this happens. Why are we so complicated? Or better yet, why can’t these two (Heart and Brain) live harmoniously?

Ugh! (This is so annoying!!!!!!!!!!!)

Writing calms me down, thank god.


Tell me oh wise world,

Why do I feel so hurt?

For I am doing as told,

And yet I feel trapped.

Unfathomable is my pain.

I feel the pinch despite the cause.

How do I abstain?

Or is there a provision to pause?

Wailing heart may still beat,

But every beat carries a cry.

Being unaware has led to my defeat,

Funny, Heart feels but we don’t know why.


Reality Check

I see comparison in the name of equality, but why? Man and Woman are two sides of the same coin, aren’t they?



Typical images are no longer valid.

Both Venus and Mars revolve around the Sun.

Life has moved on at a pace so rapid,

Yet the comparison seems to be undone.

Man, the strong and tough all times,

Too faces agony and tears.

Want to hold hands or cry aren’t crimes,

We are fearless despite our fears.

We hold, protect, preserve, and care,

Nothing which the other doesn’t do.

Man is one who takes on a dare,

Weak at expressing but our love is true.

Woman, the source of life and heart,

Too sweats to earn bread and butter.

Want to be independent and have her own start,

Doesn’t make her any less of a mother.

She is practical despite her emotions.

Her beautiful eyes hold a fire so true.

She holds, protects, preserves, and care.

Nothing which the other doesn’t do.

World needs both the sides,

Both the sides make one coin.

Without one the other cannot stride,

Dots are there but we ignore to join.

For Everyone

We often get this question in our mind,”Why am I doing what I am doing?”

And almost half of the times we are left stranded. Perplexed is how I would describe our state of mind.

Now, a question arises, “Is being puzzled, correct?

To be honest and as per my limited capacity of understanding, I would say, it depends. 

–> Worst answer possible, Nishant… WORST!!!!

Okay, so let me explain my stand before you go ahead and punch me in the face 😛

World is constantly evolving, growing, changing, dying, learning and rotating. Noticed what I did there?

–> Oh for the love of God, you stupid Poet!!! Answer already

Hello, Grammar fanatics, everything is in continuous tense. The last line is the most important line till now.

If everything is continuously changing, then how can we remain with a stagnant thought process? and wherever we change our mindset or better yet beliefs it is but natural to get confused. Therefore this Poem is “For Everyone”


For Everyone

Let me assure you, you are not alone,

We all are dealing with something or the other.

In an ever changing World where we have been thrown,

Each choice of ours will question another.

To be confused is natural.

So we fix some certain goals,

Timelines are thereby followed.

But our failure to consider Life’s roles,

Leaves our plans hollowed.

Thus arises the need to change,

Change of mind and of heart,

Commandeering Change is a Doctor named Strange,

And there is where our problems start.

So, to be confused is natural.

Change is imminent, change is constant,

Not just for life but also for us.

If you are perplexed then new is your content,

Life is finding solutions amidst the fuss.


So, to be confused is natural.