Almost all the time I see that people work to achieve something. They work hard and in the end either they fail or they feel discontent after reaching said Goal.

This happens because we don’t really think things through. So before you start for your goal, just make sure that you really want it.



फिर से चल पड़ा है तू उस सफर पर
जहा तुझे बस मंज़िल की आस है.
फिर से चल पड़ा है तू उस सफर पर
जहा तुझे बस मंज़िल की आस है.

और फिर से भूल गया है तू,
के रास्तो में ही मिलती जीत या हार है.

किसी और की मंज़िल को तूने अपना समझ
अपने आप को धोका दिया
किसी और की मंज़िल को तूने अपना समझ
अपने आप को धोका दिया

चलने से पहले एक बार तो पूछ लेता,
तूने वही मंज़िल को क्यों चुना?

कामियाब हो तू हर सफर पे
दुआ यही रहेगी मेरी.
कामियाब हो तू हर सफर पे
दुआ यही रहेगी मेरी.

पर उस कमियाबा का क्या लाभ
जहा ख़ुशी नहीं है तेरी.

फिर से चल पड़ा है तू उस सफर पर
जहा तुझे बस मंज़िल की आस है.
निकलने से पहले जरूर पूछ लेना खुद से,
वह क्या है जिसकी तुझे सच में तलाश है.

चलूँगा में तेरे साथ,


चलूँगा में तेरे साथ,
आज तू अकेला नहीं, में भी हूँ.
दर मत, डरने की नहीं है कोई बात,
बीत जायेगा यह भी, जैसे हर रात.

चलूँगा में तेरे साथ,
क्युकी मंज़िल मेरी भी वही है.
यहाँ वह जीते है जिनमें होते है जज़्बात,
सिर्फ तू जानता है की तू सही है.

चलूँगा में तेरे साथ,
और देखूंगा तुझे जीतते हुए.
कहने दे जिससे जो कहना है,
बॉस कुछ वक्त तो बिताने दे.

चलूँगा में तेरे साथ,
और खुद भी अपनी मंज़िल ढूढ़ लूंगा.
यह सब फ़िज़ूल लगेगा तब,
जब में खुद से खुद को जीत लूंगा.



Finding the lost

To all those who love to get lost and find something new about themselves, I urge you to get up and just take the road less travelled.



~A fellow traveller.

My Odyssey

This day is special for me for today the clock will stop and reset. Make tomorrow the same for you and go get them!!!

I speak to you directly today,

Today there are no boundaries.

You may keep hiding but I will say,

Regardless of the enmity or the camaraderie.

Journey was tough till this point,

No, I don’t seek any validation.

Every hour, every step and every point,

I have accepted each and every conviction.


But now it’s time, time I had allotted for myself,

To rise and say, “Not anymore”.

To my comrades I will make you proud,

And to my haters, I challenge a dare.


29-Feb-2020, is the day I leap for the year,

This point will be a mark in my Odyssey,

Come what may, be it courage or fear.

Aim is to walk, even when the path is unclear.

Growing up

Change is always met with friction and therefore growing up too is hard to digest, process, and express.

But after a particular point of time or more specifically events, we do grow up. The only question: Is it for our best?

Growing Up

I can only judge one man,
In whose shoes I have walked.
So to meet him I do all that I can,
A journey where me and I talked.
Careless, hopeless, and without any plan,
My journey started a bit quivery.
But then again I was just a kid,
Unaware of most of the mystery.
Reality sunk in sooner than later,
And I realised I have the spark.
To my story I became my own creator,
By being Persistent even in the dark.
Good and bad both greeted from time to time,
My past failures hanging onto my life like a crime,
The only thing I learnt as I was growing up,
In the end everything will be just fine.
~Anyone who has realised this simple fact,
Is a grown-up and will one day shine.~

Take on Mistakes

What is life without mistakes?

A mere journey with no learning and sense of accomplishment. So while the world associates mistakes with something negative, let me tell you why I believe they are essential and wonderful.

Keep making mistakes but never repeat one.


You learn only when you try,

And trying comes with its proof.

Learn to look your mistakes in the eye,

For mistakes are never aloof.

Each new mistake has a new take,

And a message to never repeat again.

Remember, it is your goal which is at stake,

Keep learning every now and then.