Underrated Hero


It starts from the day we come into this world

and after that it lasts forever.

Father is not just a relation

but a journey full of sacrificing endeavours.

We cannot thank you enough, ever.


You never stop watching over us, do you?

My childhood pictures were taken only by you.

In adolescence we walk right next to you, holding your finger

and in teenage, despite wanting to be alone, your watchful eyes linger.

No matter how old we get, you remain our silent singer .


Underneath that tough and quiet exterior

we all know that you are soft hearted just like mom.

Yet your wish to make us better

asks you to take tough calls. How do you do it?

That parent who accepts resentment for his child’s betterment.


Perfect balance of love and lectures, teacher and friend,

at times harsh but always fair,

Father you are hard to comprehend.

I pretend to be like you when I sit on your chair

and feel that overwhelming pressure that you withstand.


No child can ever document their father’s role

because there are some things you just cannot express.

Words too have limitations after all

Unlike my Father’s worry when I am a mess.

Father, the person we fail to call.


All we can say is a Thank You

and we will try to be a bit more like you.

It will be tough but it will be worth it.

Even though we don’t say this enough,

Father, we really really Love You.


You cannot say anything about this one man because he knows you more than you know yourself. He is your Father.

-Nishant, The Son.

One Day!

I see glimmering lights,

Pictures being clicked.

Blissful nights,

And my wave doing tricks.

I see a grand welcome,

And smiles all perfect.

In the presence of loved ones,

An atmosphere just so correct.

I am a hero there,

And they are mine to care for.

After completing the day to day affair,

I came home through the door.

♦️Not all spotlights need a red carpet.

Subtle Stories: I am Batman

A father smiled as his son imitated Batman and asked, Why do you love him so much?

S: Because he does what a hero can…, saving the world from evil’s touch.

F: And what about his loved ones? Are they okay with it?

S: They have to be, he does it for the greater good.

F: I hope you too see it, his loved ones did what they should.

(9 years later, the phone rang at 2 am. There was a major explosion in the city.)

F: Son, I must leave for duty awaits. Biggest crisis just came and I must be the first one through the gates. My men need me.

S: But why always you, father?, said the wet eyes, I don’t want you to go. I hope you realise.

F: Don’t weep for me son, I am doing this for you guys. I’ll be back again, just when the sun is in the sky.

S: From where do you find so much heart? And why can’t others do their part? Why should your family see your depart? Who are you father and how do you start?

F: I am Batman.