A video journey of The Poet and the Pen

Almost all my poems had a featured image (which do not belong to me in any way whatsoever)

Each image was used with the purpose of letting my readers understand and connect with my words at a much better level.

This video shows my journey and the rich content this blog has to offer…

Read the poems once you are done with the video (especially those whose images you like)

See to know…know to read

Happy Monday!


Be it night or be it day,

Be it November or be it may,

I stand here and keep a watch,

My flag is my identity, proudly I say.

Absence of the loved ones haunt all the time,

Sickness and pain are equal to a crime,

Kids grow up in the meantime, but…

My flag is my identity, proudly I sign.

Festivals are spent far away in silence,

So you can live in peace I’ll endure the violence,

My job is not a job but a service to all,

You are safe because a soldier is on call.

Attention! My duties await,

For my country and not for any state,

My name maybe unknown but so is my fate,

Flag will be my identity till my last date.

Man of honour

I work hard to earn my living,

Concept of shortcuts are unknown to me.

Life is hard since the time I am seeing,

Yet Sir, I don’t beg or plea.

I eat my bread same as you,

But with soup or some boiled veggies.

Yes, the dishes on my table are few,

How are those cakes?, I plucked those cherries.

I get up early every single day,

So I don’t get late while doing my chores.

You have servants whom you pay, but

Your late arrival angers that boss of yours.

My income may be less than your day’s expense,

But I sleep with a peaceful smile.

For my happiness is pure and immense,

Because honour makes my soil fertile.

I am not saying you deserve less,

Nor am I asking for some sympathy or fame.

Life is difficult and can be a mess, just

Search for honour, I am just a name.