Dear Ghost of Past

You never leave, do you?

And just stay somewhere out there.

Your presence becomes weak with time

But you don’t leave.

Thank you for not leaving

And reminding me of the gone.

Because of you, Dear Ghost of Past, I never stopped believing.

Stay with me until my work is done.

Take a call


Memories outweigh moments,

For they stay and the latter passes.

There is always a component,

Which never advances.

For missing we always seek atonement,

At the mercy of chances,

And forget something very important,

Flow never seizes under any circumstances.

Thereby we set ourselves up for missing,

By letting go of what we should be receiving.

And soon one day everything will stop moving…

Either live while you can or simply keep wishing.

A bedtime story


Every night before I went to bed,

I asked for a story to dream about.

And just as I laid my head,

My narrator would start about.

Once upon a time is what he would say,

And introduce a character quite familiar.

In the story, the silly boy would lose his way,

While searching for something dear.

He would meet a wise old owl,

Who would wipe his tears,

And tell him something different,

That would end the boy’s fear.

The boy would then find the lost,

Using the lesson he had just learned.

And pay the owl a coin as a cost,

For a bedtime story needs to be earned.



~Good Night.

Let’s dance, shall we?

An emotional story which is practical and brave.

Dear, an email just arrived.
I shall have to take your leave,
For I need to help the deprived.
It’s time I Share what I received.

My absence is indefinite as of now,
I know it will be hard for you to bear.
But dear, I am sorry. I made a vow,
And vows are a beautiful love affair.

They seek sacrifice and your man is brave,
Times are tough but I shall face.
Let me play my part and save,
Just like you saved me once with grace.

And even if I don’t return, we shall meet.
There is no way for us to stay apart.
You took care of me amidst that desert’s heat,
And departed while on duty along with my heart.

Let me play my part just like you did.
You took 3 bullets but still didn’t bend your knee.
So now I will close my eyes and extend my arms,
For before I go on war, let’s dance, shall we?