Doubted yesterday,

Trusted today,

Tested and proven

you are.

To some, above

To some, below

their level.

Maybe near, maybe far.

Never absolute,

Right and refute,

You are what

You are.

Never loved,

Never hated,

By each and every

you met so far.

Leader to many,

Follower to many,

Your impressions vary

like the gazer which is bizarre.

As long as you know,

As long as I know,

No one will ever know

What others are.

Final showdown

It was the last time we ever gazed

into each other’s eyes.

Gone are those days

and life is what it is today.

But before we turned around

and walked our separate paths

there was this moment…

It was just this moment

when we both realised,

A good rival is also very important.

A good enemy helps you to improve.

-Nishant, The Poet and the Pen

Can I?


Often in the evening strolls

a realisation sneaks up

which recalls something really tough.

Should I continue or give up?

The stigma of latter can be rough

but what if I am fed up?

Nothing will ever be enough.

Characterisation has made it hard to give up

even on something which makes me miserable.

So I started to bluff to myself…

The worst kind of gamble.


Please don’t berate me for leaving now.

I tried but couldn’t finish somehow.

Only a human, I am.

I wish I had a backspace key now.

Regardless of what they say,

What they say does matter.

Let me find a better way,

Allow me to choose the latter.

I shall come back better,

I shall come back brighter,

I will feel honest and lighter.

Giving up does not make me any less of a fighter.



If something makes you miserable, there is no shame in giving it up. Giving up to try something new is actually a sign of bravery.

-Nishant, The Poet and the Pen.



An old bike sits in my garage.

It is covered in dust

and barely does it look nice.

One day it shall rust.

It was my favourite once,

I used to spend hours on it

riding through my favourite paths,

when suddenly it started to break down,

delayed my every plan.

I could no longer go around

and felt like a different man.

Everything has a life span.


When something/someone denies you from being the best version of yourself, understand that their time in your life is now over.

-Nishant, The Poet and the Pen


Even though I claim to be a Poet, I never wrote on Love. But today, I want to write on this topic. While it may be one of the most cliched topics, we cannot deny that it is what we all truly seek.

They say Poets are the ones who had their heart broken at some point of their lives, I don’t concur with this notion. Poets are simply those who find every single small detail of life beautiful and narrate it to selves in Rhymes. That’s all a Poet is.

What is Love?

Brought to you by the ambassadors of Love, #Poets&Poetess (that’s the general thought)


The only emotion which is selfless,

And wishes to see just a smile.

Calming and Stimulating in itself,

Allowing the world to reconcile.

Makes you better and miserable at the same time,

And teaches you about self in proses and rhymes, 

It allows every other emotion to come,

While someone else becomes more important for once.

It is nature’s most beautiful crime,

Not limited to anyone or any time.

A flower which comes with thorns and petals

And smells like the Morning Rain,

Love is series of battles,

Where sometimes a loss is a gain.

The most difficult yet the most easy task,

Love is where you do and don’t ask.

It’s a simple feeling where you unconditionlly care,

Love, a game we play knowing isn’t fair.


In the movie Troy, Achilles said: “Everything’s more beautiful because we’re doomed.”

For Poem, scroll down directly but I hope you read the entire post.

Now as horrifying or negative it may sound, it is in fact one of the most beautiful truths of life. I have always wondered why do we care so much about things that come with a time clock, things which with each passing second transverse towards its end. Things such as: Youth, Glory, Money, Possessions (House/Cars/Clothes etc.)

Yes, no doubt they are important for us to live and I am not here to debate or play high and mighty that we should not focus on them. We should but tell me one thing reader,

Do you ever think that you will lose them one day?

Do you ever think that this beauty and grace of your youth will fade one day?

Do you ever think that your glory will be forgotten one day?

And, do you ever think that the possessions which so proudly possess will one day become someone else’s’ ?

I am sure most of you don’t and why would you?, It’s a very saddening thought and we are too busy with the present, is exactly what you would have told yourself.

Are we, HUMANS, always busy with the present? Or, always planning for the future?

I hope you read the below lines and find out what I am trying to show.

Please Read to Know

While we thrive on today, we sure think of tomorrow,

Did tomorrow ever say, there won’t be any sorrow?

Meanwhile we fix happiness in something we borrow,

The crux of possession is nothing but hollow.

So enjoy what you possess but remember this law,

Time gives only to withdraw.

And that exempts everything from flaw.

Tomorrow will never see what today saw.


Before we call it a day and get ready for Monday, I am here to spread some chaos. Also, I am sure you all will love it, for it is Chaos!!!

World celebrates chaotic ones,

For it is easier to relate with them.

In a textbook of philosophy highlighted are the puns,

And appreciation has changed from “Well done” to “a social media thumb”.

Numb, is the feeling inside,

For we declare even before we decide,

And during a trip we choose to filter,

But how can filters be better than hillside?

Every night I am with 1000s of friends,

But they don’t get to see my expressions as I pretend,

And without looking into my eyes they comprehend,

I on the other hand will always seek your hand.

In the end as always we blame the techs,

Oh I am sorry, did your Phone ask you to text?

For once let’s not dwell, understand the pretext,

World celebrates chaotic ones for chaos helps to deflect.

Eyes and ears and mouth and words,

Fingers and skin and the outside world,

Are meant to be moved, talked and heard.

Chaos is the only thing we love in this world.

Let’s be real

A confession, a reality check




No one knows anything.

The world is full of endless possibilities,

Farthest corners fathom different realities,

Our saneness can be insanities,

Let’s be real, bewildering is humanity.


So therefore I ask before I get judged,

Who is to say my beliefs are fudged,

And who am I to hold any grudge,

As long as we maintain our own course, peace will be untouched.


Let’s be real for once.

Stop following the pre-set rules,

What worked for others won’t do the same for you, you fools,

Pardon me for who am I to judge,

It is complicated, exigent and cruel.


Let’s be real at last.

I cannot speak for others but for I,

My way is to try, fail, try.

Even we find it difficult to understand what we have written,

Underneath my wordish wisdom I too am just a guy.

I can see only what I saw,

Therefore I ask you to walk some more,

We all are perfect with our flaw,

Read from others but learn to explore.