Feeling lost amidst a crowd, 
I decided to come here;
A peaceful place just to speak,
A place where I don’t hear.

Strange it is but somewhat true,
It’s difficult at certain times;
To understand what one goes through,
One needs to hear the rhymes.

I spoke to all and spoke to none,
All that was happening and was done;
Still nothing seemed alright,
Okay, and thus I was done.

When no mortal could help I turned to them,
Who have been here wearing rocks and stems;
And those who are always flowing,
And the one who burns. The immortal friends.

Words came out and echoed around,
No one replied yet peace I found.
Once felt lost amidst a crowd,
Found myself in nature and its sound.

Got time to breathe, to think,
“Allow yourself…” said the immortal, “to sink”,
“Your own voice will help you through”,
Writes the Poet on a paper with Ink.

-The Poet



A traveller with no place to be, 
Walking alone, bound yet free, 
With no one to talk or to listen, 
The dirt on his clothes is all we see.

Has nothing to lose and everything to gain, 
Our traveller who walks in search of grain,
Hides his tears behind his smile, 
Whenever you apply love to his pain.

Weak physically but heart is strong, 
Not many know how to sing his song, 
Shows love to all who are kind,
Something where even the rich go wrong.

Strangely beautiful, yet sad, 
Dirty clothes on a remarkable lad, 
Who invests his everything when shown respect, 
A rich beggar, sane or mad?


With teary eyes and a heart in pain,
Standing in that beautiful rain,
He gazed at that quiet green lane,
And said, “Here I end my reign”.

Packed with memories to last for ages,
Smiled and wrote on those final pages,
“Everything that happens, happens on the stage,
While we portray what is written on the page”.

As he waited for the train to arrive,
He decided to go back in years by five,
Found a boy who learnt how to survive,
And knows that he has what it takes to thrive.

Happy with all that he received and gave,
A boy who became clever and brave,
Is now a man matured with time,
Standing at the end of the climb.

Time was up and departure was near,
He picked up his bag and wiped his tear,
Boarded the train to a life unclear,
As it was time for the man to disappear.

-All good things must come to an end.


I write to you with love and care,
It’s been a while, how are you Claire?
I am good and everything’s fine,
We are still 20 miles from the baseline.

I am leading a troop of 15 men,
Camped as I write in an isolated den.
We were on a mission now completed,
Fought their leader who is now defeated.

Danger is still high and home is far,
And yet I see you when I look at the stars.
I am writing this to you just in case…remember,
A soldier’s wife smiles at death’s face

I am scared Claire, I won’t deny,
Not of death but of a “Good-Bye”.
Don’t worry about me, I won’t stop,
I’ll keep fighting till the very last drop.

If you are reading this then perhaps I am gone,
Tell our son, “I love You Shawn”.
I was lucky that I found you,
Remember how we met in that funny little Zoo?

Be brave, be strong and be proud,
I am immortal now underneath the shroud.
I kept my promise Claire, I came back,
Will be waiting for you at the end of this track…

I am writing to you with love and care,
Life is a gift but it isn’t fair.

- A Soldier