Subtle Stories: Journey Uphill

It’s decided then, said Sakshi, this saturday we all are going to Kheerganga. Naren, who desperately needed a break from the hoo ha of life, finally had his breaking point after a dreadful week at the office.

Naren was part of his company’s most expensive project. He was responsible for its smooth operation when it was under feasibility stage and also brought down the operating cost by a huge margin. Despite that he was overlooked for promotion.

Saturday came and Naren, Sakshi and Jashan boarded a bus to Kasol as decided. Jashan who is Naren’s best friend sat right next to him for he knew Naren was heartbroken.

“It happens Naren. This trip will help you in ways more than one.” said Jashan smilingly.

They keep going for such adventures as they love the feeling. Kheerganga trek has 3 paths to the top. Our heroes being the adventure junkies they are, took the most difficult one.

Naren is a silent trekker for he enjoys the peace of nature. As they were climbing he kept looking back at the mountain base as it kept getting tinier with every step. After a lot of slips and falls, they reached the top.

It was beautiful. On one side was a valley surrounded by mountains and on the other was a green plain field. Sunset was mesmerizing and sound of the water falling from a nearby fall echoed peace.

“That’s life.”, said Jashan. “When you take a step back and look things broadly, you realise that most of your miseries are benign. In the end when you reach at the top, all those failures and hardship goes away and only happiness echoes”.

Subtle Stories: Need Vs. Want

“I have what I need but not what I want.

I = You.”

Part 1: It was the summer of 2017, I was doing an internship at this firm. First time away from my friends and family, I was all alone in this beautiful city. It was daunting at first but kept getting easier as time progressed.

So, What I needed was Courage and What I wanted was Company.

I found Courage and not Company and somehow it worked out quite well. Till date that city holds a pivotal point in my story as it left a huge impression on me and my character. I went there as a boy and came out as this independent man. I Love You, Pune.

Part 2: Let’s skip 6 months into the future, it was placement season in my college. Only 5-10 core industries from my domain decided to show up with various profile. This news created havoc in the minds of soon to be Graduates.

Again, What I needed was Calmness and What I wanted was an easy way out.

I was visited by calmness and in all the companies I sat for, I did good. In the end I chose to be in the firm I am today, rejecting another great company. My want was attained by what I needed.

Part 3: They say you rarely find friends in the corporate world. It’s all so competitive and harsh. I was separated from all my dear ones as I was the only one from Mechanical Engineering and rest all were from the IT sector. After 4 years of companionship, I was alone… really alone.

I needed to stay positive but I wanted Friends.

Life never takes more than what it can give. I lost my friends in the process due to distance and choices but that didn’t stop me from being me. I stayed positive, played the good guy and gradually, in lieu of 4 I was blessed with 6 amazingly supportive and caring friends who also happen to be my colleagues. I say this because they were there when I needed them. A friend in need is a friend indeed, right?

So, if I summarize, I can safely say that we always get what we need and that eventually gets us what we want. So, be happy with what you get because it is what you actually want.

I wish you get what you need, soon.

Have a nice day and please share this with as many as you can. Who knows, maybe someone needs to read this…

~Nishant from The Poet and the Pen

Subtle Stories: Rain

It was drizzling and cold winds made the scene just perfect. I was at my friend’s place having a beer and standing on the balcony. My eyes were closed and my face had a smile for I was enjoying a moment in peace.

*Doorbell Rang*

Vivek: Hey, Rushad! Can you get the door please?

*Hi, I am Rushad btw!*

As I opened the door, I met you. You were this beautiful person who had an irritated face. Your hair was wet due to the Rain. You came inside the house and asked me, “Umm… I am sorry, Are you Vivek? I am here to deliver this home made gift basket which was ordered by Vivek Tripathi, House No. 33, Pear Society”

No, I am his Friend. Hi! Vivek is inside. Can I get you anything? Maybe a Towel and a hot cup of coffee, you are completely drenched.

“No, it’s fine thanks.”, You said just before your funny little mind decided to take up on that offer when you saw the rain falling heavily from the balcony.

“On second thoughts… Coffee sounds good, if you don’t mind.”

I still remember that innocent smile of yours.

Vivek was stuck in some meeting which he was attending through Skype so I decided to pay for the Gift basket he had ordered. By this time the rain was pouring down so heavily that there was no way you could have driven a scooty. Keeping in mind your personal space, I decided to make you coffee and stand in the Balcony while you were sitting in the living room chair, overlooking the balcony.

*Confinement makes you talkative, doesn’t it?*

“So… You are?”

I am Rushad, Vivek’s friend who is also stuck due to rain. (Smiles on both sides due to “also”)

*I will never forget the conversation we had after that*

“You know… Rain is like so weird, while falling it looks amazing but once it mixes with the mud of our cities, Yuck! And for people in their homes looking from the balcony it’s so pretty (I laughed softly as I was one of them) and for those who have to roam around the city to earn a living it’s kindly tacky (She laughed softly as she was one of them).”

You make gift baskets? Or, do you work for some company that delivers online ordered stuff, like Flipkart or Amazon?

“So basically, I have a small shop in the city where I make these gift baskets. People can either buy them from there or order online. Usually I have a few people to help me out with the deliveries but thanks to Rain I had to come all the way here to deliver this package.”

You could have come tomorrow as well, why today in the rain?

“I am very passionate and professional about my Business and on date delivery is vital to it.”

*The way you spoke about your work reflected your love for it. You were so zealous and driven. I loved that quality of yours.*

“What about you?”

I am an Engineer, one of many, who came here to catch up with an old buddy before leaving the city. You see very soon I will be going to another place and start off again and this Vivek is my best friend in the world so I decided to spend some time with him before I leave.

“Oh, I see. Happy?”

Oh yeah, very. I like change and I wanted this particular one a lot. I am giving up my career in the corporate world to Pursue a career in travelling and writing. I love doing both.

“Woah! That requires a lot of guts and dedication.”

I guess so.

*Then something happened, I never thought would.*

“Wait… Rushad, right?… Are you Rushad Roy of Transient Writings?”


“Oh my god! I am so addicted to your site. I never thought I’ll get to meet you.”

Haha, thanks but it’s nothing. I just write some lines along with a few pictures that I click.

“Okay to you it may just be a site but for many like me it is a page where we find happiness, meaning, fun and tbh a little bit of Jealousy from your amazing travel pictures.”

Well, it is always amazing to hear such words from someone else about my work.

*Vivek walked into the living room.*

Vivek: Oh hey, is this the Gift Basket?


Vivek: Great timing yaar. I ordered it for this amazingly stupid brother of mine, Rushad.


Vivek: Yes, this is your going away gift you idiot. I will not miss you at all and I really won’t miss travelling with you.

*Vivek had tears in his eyes for you see we have been in touch for over 16 years now and it was difficult to process this change*

I will miss you a lot brother and Thank You for such a wonderful gift. I love it.

*We hugged each other and shared a moment of brotherhood.*

I guess I should also thank you… Oh dear, How stupid of me, I didn’t even ask your name. Miss?


Thank you Maanvi.

*Rain, I have always failed to understand Rain. I stopped just at that very moment.*

Both You and I decided to start for our respective destinations but thanks to Rain, Uber and Ola were of no use.

“So… if you are looking for a ride, can I drop Mr. Rushad Roy to the Metro?”

Umm.. If it is not too much trouble, sure.

*7 Years into the future, date: 30-Aug-2027.*

A letter came to our doorstep. It said:

We are pleased to inform you that you have been invited to Harvard School of Business as a guest lecturer on Entrepreneurship.

We would be honoured if You (Maanvi Roy) would accept this invitation.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

I placed that letter into a gift basket I tried to make and came running to you, Maanvi.

I remember how we met and I am forever grateful to that day’s Rain for bringing you in my life.

Subtle Stories: I am Batman

A father smiled as his son imitated Batman and asked, Why do you love him so much?

S: Because he does what a hero can…, saving the world from evil’s touch.

F: And what about his loved ones? Are they okay with it?

S: They have to be, he does it for the greater good.

F: I hope you too see it, his loved ones did what they should.

(9 years later, the phone rang at 2 am. There was a major explosion in the city.)

F: Son, I must leave for duty awaits. Biggest crisis just came and I must be the first one through the gates. My men need me.

S: But why always you, father?, said the wet eyes, I don’t want you to go. I hope you realise.

F: Don’t weep for me son, I am doing this for you guys. I’ll be back again, just when the sun is in the sky.

S: From where do you find so much heart? And why can’t others do their part? Why should your family see your depart? Who are you father and how do you start?

F: I am Batman.

Subtle Stories: The Teacher

Hi, my name is not important. What’s important is where I am today, where did I come from and who made all that possible. A journey of 10 years is what I am going to tell you now. Sit back, put your reading glasses on and if it suits you, keep a mild Piano music in the background (soothing). *Just a suggestion :P*

Far away from all the spotlight and development is a small town whose name is as per your liking (decided a name?, great). It lacks proper facilities, infrastructure, development and most importantly education. I come from that town, my hometown.

Year was 2005 and I was in junior high where I was only bothered with how to evade homework and pass time in merriment. It was natural for I was just 10 years old. I used to attend school regularly but I wasn’t going anywhere for I was being taught how to learn and memorize, not understand. Later in my life I will find out that the same is happening to the developed cities of the country as well but for now let’s stick to the boundaries of my hometown.

Despite being told by my school teachers as one of the smart kids of the class, I always felt indifferent for I knew this is not the best version of me. I was learning but only to jump standards (class) and not improve my standard of education. Fortunately, fate had something else in mind.

So there he was a boy who used to attend an English Medium school and was barely able to frame a correct sentence in English far from speaking it playing around the house as usual when he met this Man who had agreed to teach his sister Grammar and Literature.

He accidently entered the study room and grabbed his toys for an afternoon full of conquests and fun when he was called by this voice…

Come here, sweet kid!, What is your name?

(Not important)

Which standard are you in?


Oh my! A big boy you are. I am your sister’s teacher and I teach Grammar and Literature at this Town’s oldest college. Do you know me?

No Sir.

Alright, my name is Shoumiran Mahanta. Tell me boy, can you help me a bit and write a few lines for me?

Of course Sir, I am very smart. I will do that but after that can I go and play?

Hahaha, okay you may.

The teacher asked him to write the basics of grammar and a few elementary statements which even a boy in 2nd standard should be able to. But due to the learnings he was getting he wrote incorrect English. On seeing his words the teacher who had been teaching for the past 35 years saw a potential, a flair.

My god!, Son, your English is very good but you can become even better. Maybe a writer one day. Do you wish to become a writer one day?

Certainly, said the innocent young boy.

Good, I shall teach you as well from tomorrow.

On hearing these words, he felt pain as of all his toys were taken away from him. But as agreed, he and the Teacher did start the very next day. For the next 5 years, the boy learned the meaning of learning. He was taught to understand the words and the meaning they concealed within themselves. He was taught to visualize while reading. He was taught the ways of this beautiful language called English. The teachers’ assessment was right, the boy did have potential and he helped him realise the same. 

5 years went by quickly, the 10 year old was now 16. He basically grew up in front of his teacher, a true teacher. To pursue higher studies he moved to developed cities but he never forgot the values his teacher had taught him.

High School, College and later on Professional life all came to him and guess what, the kid made a name for himself in all those places because of his command over the English language.

Today he works at one of the leading companies of the country, a small town boy who struggled to introduce himself once today is a part of a team which requires him to speak on a public forum on a daily basis. However, even today he still considers himself as a student of that Teacher who not only taught him literature and Grammar but also the values of life.

Yes, he learned not only to understand the words but the meaning of life, visualize not only stories but the world that surrounds.

“My god!, Son, your English is very good but you can become even better. Maybe a writer one day.”

These words spoken by the old teacher came true as well. That boy became a Poet, The Poet and the Pen. Even till this day I thank my lucky stars for giving me the opportunity to learn from a Teacher, a true Teacher, The Teacher.

Sir, Thank You so much for everything. I will always be grateful to you.

Yours Sincerely,

Sweet Kid.

Moral: A good teacher is like guide, A true teacher is like a guardian angel. A true teacher can make a student become the best version of himself. A true teacher always shows the tough path for he knows the destination is worth it and most importantly, a True teacher silently leaves when his work is done but it is the duty of the student to keep the teacher with him forever by always following what he had been taught. 

A Teacher-Student relation is greater than anything in the world. 

Subtle Stories: Judgement

So this happened in Jan’20, day was Monday and time was around 11:20 pm. A sad and worried Dev who got fired from his job today was sulking at this bar where this incident took place.

“It’s alright, things like these happen and you cannot control it.”, said a calm voice standing right next to Dev. “Sorry?, but do I know you or anything?”.

“Why don’t we skip this drill of introductions and formalities and address the elephant in the room?, Your misery”, said the vibrant personality.

Dev: “Interesting!, Tell me what do you think is going on?”.

X: “Your frequency of drinking is very high tonight, that means you intent on being drunk. Either you are too happy or too sad. You have no company with you therefore clearly you are not celebrating anything, hence sad. Which means something bad has happened to you but you do not want to share that with your friends, hence private. My conclusion is therefore, either you got dumped by someone you love or you lost someone forever.”

Dev, smiles and says, “Yes, I am angry and sad because I got dumped by someone I love.”

X: “So, now tell me, what are you planning to do?, think of me as this person who has been sent to make sure your pain is reduced.”

Dev: “I plan on doing nothing right now, absolutely nothing.”

X: “Woah! That’s a tough one. You sure you can do that?”.

Dev: “Of course, it’s simple. I don’t have to do anything.”

X: “The concept of not doing anything also means not reacting to anything and keeping complete calm. Can you do that?”.

Dev: “I am not sure, no perhaps. Okay you tell me what should I do?”.

X: “What do we do when we fail or fall or get rejected or in your case get dumped?”.

Dev: “……….”

X: “We celebrate, You fool!.”

Dev: “Hey bartender, this person is drunk. No more drinks for this person.”

X: “Thanks man, I anyway prefer Mocktails. I know you may think I am crazy but hear me out. The sole reason of our misery is our acceptance. There is a difference between acceptance and acknowledgement. This line is important, Acknowledge your pain and misery but don’t accept it.”

Dev: “So basically…run away from reality?”.

X: “On hearing one or two lines, it is only humans, stupid humans, who jump to conclusions like that. No, it’s not running away from anything. Just dont accept that failure as a part of you dude. Misery can be caused to a variety of other factors as well but we always tend to put it on ourselves…WHY?!?”.

Dev: “Never really thought someone will ask me to celebrate after this. How should I celebrate?”.

X: “So, you got dumped right?, great now you too need to dump this sad face of yours and realise that one judgement does not mean SHIT!. Get drunk, party, go have fun.

Do what you always wanted to and no matter what happens, remember to have fun.”

*Dev’s phone rings*

Dev: “I’ll call you back later”.

X: “Hey, tell me something, how old was this relationship?”.

Dev: “12 years.”

X: “Woah! That’s rough. Why did she leave?”.

Dev: “Not She, It. And It didn’t leave, I was let go from a company by my boss’s boss without even meeting him/her. I mean, who does that??? If you are going to fire someone, at least tell them up front!!!

All I got was a glorious recommendation and no reason for letting me or 15 other Senior Managers go.”

X: “I am sure they valued you but then again you never know what was their reason behind this step. Let’s give that company the benefit of the doubt after all it nurtured you for 12 years and you loved it, so It must have been nice to you, wasn’t it?”

Dev: “Yes, for 12 years Ethop Corp. was my life and everything. I loved it and the people there a lot. They were like a family to me.”

X: “Wait a second, Ethop?, Did you say, Ethop Corp.?”.

Dev: “Yeah, Why?”.

X: “Who was your boss there?”.

Dev: “Joseph Mckinzey, why? Do you know anyone from that place?”.

X: “Yeah many, including Joseph. “

Dev: “How?”.

X: “I am their boss and even I am here to clear my head around firing some employees because the company can no longer afford to keep them.”


Moral: Sometimes the people that fail us, reject us or hurt us, do not even know that they are doing so. They do so because even they are bound to certain situations but that does not mean they do not value us or care for us. Before you develop an opinion, try to think from the other side’s perspective as well.