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The Darkest Hour

Stuck in the worst possible place in your life?


No, I am not sadist, just Read or Listen to know why.


The Darkest Hour

When the night was dark I saw my bright self.

Nothing and everything seemed so clear.

Pursuit for betterment kept me breathing,

As the night ensured I face my fear.


Blooded armour seemed like a robe,

Sweats and tears as medals,

Gloomy night became inspiring,

And thorns became rose petals.


Night is darkest just before the dawn,

And not specific to the earthly sky.

From tough times Courage is drawn,

Perhaps day breaks as the bird fly.



A suit of armour that shines so bright,

A helmet to cover the eyes,

Hiding injuries of the previous fight,

We face a war everyday in our lives.

Some enraged, some desolate,

Some caged or maybe in another state,

Everyone had to deal with something great.

Mask is what comes with fate.

No not weakness but symbol of strength,

Knights have heart to go on to any length,

Mask doesn’t hide but helps to stand tall,

We can rise only after we had a fall.

Wear your wounds as medals of valor,

Put on a smile to tip the world off.

In hardship lies true glamour,

Tomorrow is another day, another stand-off.


This is his story. A story which created history. Very few know him, even fewer understand him and perhaps no one ever got to see the real him.

Who is he?

He is anyone, everyone, and no one.

This is our story. A story of which we all are a part of.

A con man with an uncommon genuine smile,
Predicating an image that is still unclear,
Is always facing some or the other trial,
For his mind has both courage and fear.

Humble at the very core but not so much on the skin,
Just like the world we so much adore, we too are on a spin.
And to win?, Con man must be a kin,
And so we all have this evil twin.

Passionate is another charm of time,
Without which nothing is fine.
Each step in life is like a line.
His story is for him to design.

To be truthful, not being truthful is alright,
For with situations we need to change our sight.
Lose if you must for trying is right,
His story speaks about everyone's fight.

A phone call

It happened while I was in the park,

Resting in the soothing shade of a tree,

And as I rested my head on its bark,

A call came from a number I couldn’t see.

Voice was familiar from a time in past,

Hello itself sent shivers down my spine.

“You came here, my friend, at last,

But where is our customery wine?”

I demanded him to introduce self,

To which he said a member of my troop.

“Captain! I no longer need any help,

But I do miss our fierce little group.”

“It’s time for me to report to station,

Day eleventh, March of Fourty-four,

You laid your life for us, for our nation,

Enjoy the soothing shade a little more”

eternal silence…

A video journey of The Poet and the Pen

Almost all my poems had a featured image (which do not belong to me in any way whatsoever)

Each image was used with the purpose of letting my readers understand and connect with my words at a much better level.

This video shows my journey and the rich content this blog has to offer…

Read the poems once you are done with the video (especially those whose images you like)

See to know…know to read

Happy Monday!


Be it night or be it day,

Be it November or be it may,

I stand here and keep a watch,

My flag is my identity, proudly I say.

Absence of the loved ones haunt all the time,

Sickness and pain are equal to a crime,

Kids grow up in the meantime, but…

My flag is my identity, proudly I sign.

Festivals are spent far away in silence,

So you can live in peace I’ll endure the violence,

My job is not a job but a service to all,

You are safe because a soldier is on call.

Attention! My duties await,

For my country and not for any state,

My name maybe unknown but so is my fate,

Flag will be my identity till my last date.

The lone warrior


Far away from her home, her land,
Flag in one and sword in the other hand,
She faught brave and slayed them all.
A legacy of valor, a legacy so grand.

When every other decided to kneel,
And the rest awaited for their wounds to heal,
She took charge, outshined the men.
A warrior whose sword was her seal.

Fighting odds she made her way,
A little girl who was supposed to pray,
Rebelled against the world we know.
Once looked down upon, an idol today.

Stood up against all that was wrong,
The world was her, to glory she belonged,
Each adversity was a test on her path,
A warrior who with time grew strong.

It's time for us to honor her deeds,
Step up and follow her lead. 
Path to glory is full of struggle,
Be the warrior, born to succeed.

The Final Letter


I write to you with love and care,
It’s been a while, how are you Claire?
I am good and everything’s fine,
We are still 20 miles from the baseline.

I am leading a troop of 15 men,
Camped as I write in an isolated den.
We were on a mission now completed,
Fought their leader who is now defeated.

Danger is still high and home is far,
And yet I see you when I look at the stars.
I am writing this to you just in case…remember,
A soldier’s wife smiles at death’s face

I am scared Claire, I won’t deny,
Not of death but of a “Good-Bye”.
Don’t worry about me, I won’t stop,
I’ll keep fighting till the very last drop.

If you are reading this then perhaps I am gone,
Tell our son, “I love You Shawn”.
I was lucky that I found you,
Remember how we met in that funny little Zoo?

Be brave, be strong and be proud,
I am immortal now underneath the shroud.
I kept my promise Claire, I came back,
Will be waiting for you at the end of this track…

I am writing to you with love and care,
Life is a gift but it isn’t fair.

- A Soldier