Could you just?

Did you know?

No, I know you did not.

Did it show?

Yes, but no one took a note.

What now?

Sorry, You already forgot.


That’s what we were taught.


First learn to see, listen, empathize & care. Rest will follow.

-Nishant, The Poet and the Pen.

A video journey of The Poet and the Pen

Almost all my poems had a featured image (which do not belong to me in any way whatsoever)

Each image was used with the purpose of letting my readers understand and connect with my words at a much better level.

This video shows my journey and the rich content this blog has to offer…

Read the poems once you are done with the video (especially those whose images you like)

See to know…know to read

Happy Monday!




A word so simple yet so grand,
With powers to make an enemy a friend.
A word which brings peace to pain,
I am sorry but this needs to be penned.
Ever wondered about its power, its magic,
Why does it always follow something tragic?
How would the world be if we spoke it often?
Maybe something better, I bet something fantastic.
Sorry is all it takes to make things alright.
Sorry is all it takes to end any fight.
Sorry is all it takes to bring peace and love,
Sorry is the simplest way to be kind and polite.
The lines above speak of a small and simple word,
Strange but true the word is scarcely ever heard.
Learn to say it when the time is right,
Sorry if you felt anything absurd.