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Unconditional Inability

Learn to appreciate what we have, and learn from what we see. Even from each other.

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Unconditional Inability

Most powerful beings we say.

Are we though?

We live life on what may,

Thinking that we run the show.

Truth is we are mere characters,

Able to govern what will only perish.

For the rest it’s an Unconditional Inability.

Why change what we can just cherish?

Not everything needs improvement,

For we would be the first ones if so.

Sometimes it’s okay to be an audience…

Take your belongings after the show.

That’s Enough

In case you want me to upload my audio of this poem, let me know. :),

But yes, Let’s be serious now.

That’s enough.

Stop being pathetic for that’s enough.

Stop being dramatic for that’s enough.

Stop being sarcastic for that’s enough.

Acknowledge your life for enough is enough.

Stop blaming for that’s enough.

Stop procrastinating for that’s enough.

Stop hiding for that’s enough.

Fathom the situation for enough is enough.

Stop behaving higher than gods,

Stop expecting a title of lords,

Stop seeking arrows in a battle of swords,

Game is of learning and not of rewards.

That’s enough.

Make yourself worthy first,

Never let anything quench your thirst,

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst,

Nothing is just, hence adjust.