Final showdown

It was the last time we ever gazed

into each other’s eyes.

Gone are those days

and life is what it is today.

But before we turned around

and walked our separate paths

there was this moment…

It was just this moment

when we both realised,

A good rival is also very important.

A good enemy helps you to improve.

-Nishant, The Poet and the Pen

Close the door behind you

Hey could you please close the door behind you?, I would feel much better.



Do me a favour and close the door behind you.

Sun was shining earlier but now it’s too cloudy,

And I do not want dust to enter my room.

It’s time I did some real study.


For you see it was all very nice,

But then the outside became vile.

So I decided it’s better to go into exile.

No season is more beautiful than your smile.


But I am aware that the storm will pass,

And Sun will shine again.

To breathe in that smell of soil and grass,

I will open the doors again.


Until then, could you please close the door behind you?

I have some study, some real study to do.