I looked at the Sun

At the time of taking the first step,

Towards a better tomorrow,

Sun welcomed me with gentle rays.

It was a morning after a night of sorrow.


My eyes were radiating hope and desire,

And so was the Sun in the sky,

Burning in its Amber fire,

As if we were the same guy.


But betterment comes at a price,

A price of 1000 tries.

Sun was burning heavily now,

The whole World heard our silent cries.


And in the one thousand and oneth one,

I started feeling better.

Hopeful amber fire of the Sun,

Came back and smiled as happiness flocked its feather.


In a better tomorrow which I believed in,

I am enjoying the gentle rays of the Sun.

I did it, I strived to win,

Now I will settle down along with the Sun.