Known Stranger

Take a moment to look around,

Something is voicing underneath that sound,

Hidden in those laughs, those smiles and silence,

Is one common thing that can always be found.

That which is known is not necessary to be heard,

The cure lies in doing something preferred,

Like I do when I feel the need,

“The Poet and the Pen”, World of Words.

Nothing you do will bring you just peace,

For it is not something absolute,

Known Stranger it is whom I speak of,

Adversities are thorns and Goal is the fruit.

Every choice we make comes with a path,

Before you start your journey, prepare your heart.

It’s that simple

Read only if you can finish till the end. Post maybe a bit long but it surely isn’t boring!!!

Read to know…Know to read!

We tend to complicate our lives, everything that surrounds us by giving things more attention and time than they need or yet deserve.

Ever thought what it would be like if You only thought of things that actually needs to be thought about?

I’ll tell you what would have happened…

Your total thinking time (which consumes most of your energy) would have been reduced by atleast 70% (my opinion).

What good would this do?

This would buy you more time to think about more things that can create a difference in both your life and the lives that surrounds you. Time is indeed the most precious thing in the world.

Why is time the most precious thing in the world?

Because even a nanosecond of time is never repeated or stopped or slowed down or given as extra…

Yes! it is just that precious,

Yes! it is just that mortal,

Yes! it is just that simple.

No, there is no Poetry that follows these set of lines (if you want then please let me know) but these lines are from a Poet, a reader, a blogger and more importantly a friend.

I myself succumb to spending my time on things I just urged you not to but Hey! I am only Human. Speaking of whom I like to share one thing using this remarkable platform called Internet (WordPress to be specific)

Hello my friend, whom I have never met! I reside in the Eastern Part of the Globe and would love to know more about you. I come with friendship, I come with humanity, I come bearing this one news…

We have the power to help each other out merely by our words…It is just that simple. Say what you feel like, write what you think is true, for we have a gift…a gift of communication which is only possesed by a few. Help out a friend or someone in need by letting them know what you think is right. Let them know how you would have endured if you were in the same fight. Ahh! can’t help myself from Rhyming, laughter has taken over me now and I hope that by now a smile is on the face of my amazing reader.


Waiting for a response or a good old conversation,

~Nishant Gang (The Poet and the Pen)

My first word

Bearer of life, bearer of love,

Not just an image but a God from above,

Being your ward is what I am proud of,

Mother, I have nothing for you but respect and love.

A true image of strength and care,

Only person who includes me in her prayer,

I stand today because you always stood by,

Life is hard but with you it feels fair.

A mother’s job is perhaps the toughest of all,

Ensuring the world around her doesn’t crumble or fall,

Best things in life are actually very small,

I love it when my mother treats me like a kid who crawls.

Mother, thank you for everything that you do,

It is your strength that puts me through,

Strongest, purest, you keep me true,

I am nothing, a no one without you.

Thank you for being nothing but You,

Maa, I love you.

A video journey of The Poet and the Pen

Almost all my poems had a featured image (which do not belong to me in any way whatsoever)

Each image was used with the purpose of letting my readers understand and connect with my words at a much better level.

This video shows my journey and the rich content this blog has to offer…

Read the poems once you are done with the video (especially those whose images you like)

See to know…know to read

Happy Monday!

A funny little story

This one comes from the depths of my mind. So the week has began and most of us aren’t happy that it’s Monday however there is a bit more to it that just a lousy Monday!

Care to find out?!?, If yes, keep scrolling down. If no, well you are anyway on my page so might as well scroll down 😛

On a lighter note, here is a funny little story for all my readers to read and maybe smile as they walk into this new Week.

Read to smile…keep smiling for a while.

A funny little man

It starts on one of those antique trains,

Bound to those cities with fancy lanes,

And gazing at those valleys and fields and vast green planes,

Sat a funny little man right by the window panes.

Curious to his nature he kept imagining,

What it would be like to be away from the maddening,

Curious to his nature his mind worked like a wonder,

And he dozed off while all this was happening.

The journey continues in the same train,

Where he finds an escape from the pain,

The funny little man in his funny dream,

Meets a friend who never tells his name.

What’s so funny? It was his approach,

Not just to life but to all the questions asked in that coach,

For every time he questioned sadness or pain,

Friend asked, “Do you know what is my name?”,

Both talked for quite sometime,

Not that important, so I will simply rhyme.

Do you know what is our crime?

In suffering we forget his name every time.

So when you crib about all that is wrong , your friend

Happiness sits right infront, be strong!


Oh hello, thank you for visiting my blog. Hope everything is fine on your side.

Usually I post Poems here and share my thoughts and emotions with all you people. However, today is different. Today I want to tell the world why I write Poems. Yes! that is right. I want all my readers and blog followers to know why I started The Poet and the Pen at the first place.

So as I Jot down my 50th Poem on my Birthday I’ll say one thing only…

Read to know…know to read


Funny would be the word I’d use,
While describing the world we live in.
Never really certain of what to deduce,
Earth and his identical secret twin.
Funny because of all that takes place,
While half of us laugh and half cry.
And as I struggled to make my case,
I started writing, no I was not shy.
I saw the words spoken by man,
Perceived as something they didn’t imply.
Even with utmost care and plan,
Ears missed what was there in the eye.
I saw a bondage amidst the talks,
To speak what is considered as right.
A curse which is nothing more than a hoax,
Thus I decided to write.
To speak freely without saying a word,
And be heard for what I say,
And be able to express what my heart heard,
Written words never betray.
Now that I have shared my story, I invite you to share yours.



Times have changed as so have I,

Week is over now, glad you came by.

Wondering what to do on a lazy afternoon,

I decided to converse with the reader, Hi!

I am a being existing somewhere like you,

Would you like to talk and have a hot cup of brew?

No, don’t worry, I haven’t gone mad,

Just a regular guy who is trying something new.

Not much I want to write as of now,

Hope my readers smile, as I take a bow.

Week was tough but glad it’s past,

So my fellow reader, shall we start?


~Just your regulars, The Poet and his Pen

c’est d’accord

He was an athlete, born to run;
A Triumphant man is never done.
The thrill of running against the wind,
Was his idea of joy, of fun.

She was a General born to lead,
Serving her country with pride, not greed;
Code of the army was her life,
An officer's life, book to read.

He was a scientist with a world inside,
Unfolding the mystery, offered peace;
A wanderer who remained our guide,
Till his heartbeat was ceased.

Many a times did the triumphant fall,
Many a men did the general lose,
The student of science was bullied by all,
Yet the world is in their dues.

Nothing was great but their courage,
Nothing was strong but their will,
Nothing was different but their way, their
 Ability to learn, not a habit but skill.


Today is the day for you to shine,
Today is the day for you to define,
Today is the day for you to break free,
Today is the day for the world to see.

Today is the day for you to fight,
Today is the day for doing what is right,
Today is the day for you to win,
Today is the day your journey begins.

Today is the day you leave a mark,
Today is the day you ignite the spark,
Today is the day you wake up and see,
To achieve success, today is the key.

-Live for today