That is how it is

So I ask you to tell me the truth once again

and hope that this time you will not falter.

It’s easy. Just don’t pretend

and everything will be better.

There is no choice, is there?

It’s between us and we shall decide.

If you must know, know that I care

and just like truth, care cannot hide.

I know you made a mistake

Yet I choose to be by your side

because that is how it is.

Emotions don’t abide.

When One crosses the line

With just a few words and gestures that day,

Everything became foreign between them.

A peaceful relation became mayhem,

A friendship had forever lost its way.

Spoken words fade but memories do stay,

Vile memories which can only condemn,

And remind you of your time with them,

A time you once thought would forever stay.


Yet you move on and live the old fraction,

For that is life and this is our nature.

And every good memory becomes a fiction,

Words can make a friend into a stranger.

None wins but ego with satisfaction,

Because on Sorry none had made any wager.

सच और झूठ

सच और झूठ? किसे पता.

चलो ठीक है माना,
सब का अपना अलग सच होता है.
यह भी हमने जाना,
हर कहानी में तू खुद रोता है.
पर एक बात जरा समझाना,
सच में सच क्या होता है?

कुछ कहानियों में हम अच्छे होते है,
कुछ में बोहत बुरे.
कुछ में हम थोड़े अनजाने रहते है,
तो कुछ में पुरे.
अपने समझे सच का सार समझते रहते है,
वो सार जो होते है अधूरे.

दूसरे क्या सुननेगें जरुरी नहीं,
यहाँ कोई पूरा सही नहीं,
झूठ में झूठ और सच में सच नहीं,
किसी और के नज़रो में तू तू नहीं.
खुद की नज़रो में उठ अब,
दुसरो को नहीं खुद को समझा अब,
सच और झूठ शब्द है सब,
कौन क्या है, यह पता चला ही कब?


In the movie Troy, Achilles said: “Everything’s more beautiful because we’re doomed.”

For Poem, scroll down directly but I hope you read the entire post.

Now as horrifying or negative it may sound, it is in fact one of the most beautiful truths of life. I have always wondered why do we care so much about things that come with a time clock, things which with each passing second transverse towards its end. Things such as: Youth, Glory, Money, Possessions (House/Cars/Clothes etc.)

Yes, no doubt they are important for us to live and I am not here to debate or play high and mighty that we should not focus on them. We should but tell me one thing reader,

Do you ever think that you will lose them one day?

Do you ever think that this beauty and grace of your youth will fade one day?

Do you ever think that your glory will be forgotten one day?

And, do you ever think that the possessions which so proudly possess will one day become someone else’s’ ?

I am sure most of you don’t and why would you?, It’s a very saddening thought and we are too busy with the present, is exactly what you would have told yourself.

Are we, HUMANS, always busy with the present? Or, always planning for the future?

I hope you read the below lines and find out what I am trying to show.

Please Read to Know

While we thrive on today, we sure think of tomorrow,

Did tomorrow ever say, there won’t be any sorrow?

Meanwhile we fix happiness in something we borrow,

The crux of possession is nothing but hollow.

So enjoy what you possess but remember this law,

Time gives only to withdraw.

And that exempts everything from flaw.

Tomorrow will never see what today saw.