A video journey of The Poet and the Pen

Almost all my poems had a featured image (which do not belong to me in any way whatsoever)

Each image was used with the purpose of letting my readers understand and connect with my words at a much better level.

This video shows my journey and the rich content this blog has to offer…

Read the poems once you are done with the video (especially those whose images you like)

See to know…know to read

Happy Monday!



Far away from the realm of men,
lies a world beyond anyone's ken.
Expanding and invisible to our naked eyes,
it's a sea of STARS that lights up our sky.

Giant and majestic as they are,
sending messages from a world so far.
Speaking a language of a time so old,
gallantly burns just to die cold.

Fire is eternal, pure is their might,
A smart liar hiding in plain sight.
Forever in motion, forever in the sky,
it's a sea of STARS where everything, flies.

-A fire that burns for eras and aeons




Funny are these words which we speak,
Each one carries a certain mystique.
Tapped with emotions they travel far,
Sometimes offering comfort, sometimes scar.

For centuries they have been a tool,
Favouring the smart and tricking the fool.
Wager of wars and bringer of peace,
In due time only should they be released.

They can build, they can destroy,
They can bring harm or can bring joy,
They can turn hate into love, 
They can help one to rise above.

Words can be dangerous or can be benign,
Carefully use the power confined,
Funny are these words which we speak,
Answers all the questions, we seek...




What is this Time?
Which is neither yours nor mine.

What is this Time?
Which never stops nor rewinds.

What is this Time?...

Present since the start of days,
Past, present and future are stories it says.

Biggest healer known to man,
It can cure scars no medicine ever can.

A gladiator who wins all its fight,
Everyone perishes before its undying might. 

Worth?!, is the most interesting of all,
Those who know, rise while others fall.

Respect it, be clever,
For once it passes its gone forever.

They say "Time and Tide, wait for none"
It's a fire which lives while everything burns.

Whatever you choose, whatever you decide,
Know this one truth before you ride,
Time can be a bliss, Time can be a curse,
But whatever it does it never goes back in reverse.

"TIME, The Biggest Enemy,
       The Greatest Friend."





Once a toddler, today so old,

Once timid, today so bold.

Once intense, today is mild,

Proper today will become wild.

Near today was once far,

Clear today, was once bizarre.

Laws of nature will linger tomorrow, 

“If there is happiness, there will be sorrow”.

Antique might have become pristine, 

Time makes us all act on screen.

Yin-Yang says it all, 

“Even the greats had their fall”.

-With every Bad there is Good.

Why? (Unanswered)


Why does the sky look so blue?
Why do people forget to be true?

Why does the eagle fly so high?
Why do hatred lives while people die?

Why does the sun shine so bright?
Why do we forget war's appetite?

Why does the bugle sound so loud?
Why sometimes success becomes one's shroud?

Why is the world not according to the books?
Why is humanity losing to the crooks?

Why?, We ask.
Why?, We seek.
Why this mask?
Why no one speaks?

.... Why?



Keeper of Secrets, Teller of Truth,

Immune to time, Forever a youth.

Silent as the wind, Still as wine,

Binded in those pages are tales in time.

Engulfed in those pages, is an ocean of words…

Waiting to be Sailed, Waiting to be heard.

Set sail, untie the tie,

A friend that stays while many pass by.

Your companion he is, says this to you…

“I am a book, I’ll always be true”.

~The Book 


We all need these idiots in our lives..

When you need an ear
when you need someone dear
...A friend is always there

When you need a laugh 
when you need to cry
...A friend is always there standing by

When you need to trust
when you need to share
...A friend is always there to care

When you need an advice
when someone's approval is better than a prize
...A friend is always there

Lucky are those who have these gems

A friend is someone who is very rare
there may be many but only few care

Finding them is like finding that key
which unlocks the door of all the possibilities

Hold them, don't let them go
Tie them, dont let them flow

See them and see your flaw 
Hear them and start to row 

Be a true friend to your friend
know the true meaning of the word 

Keep it simple, keep it pure
Keep it just, keep it as a cure

Be as a child with your friend
live like a kid and don't let it end

A friend is always there, Standing by
Holding your hand and keeping your smile

If you cry,...i'll be there
If you fly,... i'll be there

No matter what i'll catch your tears...
As long as i am, i'll hold you dear

....From a Friend


I Wonder

This is one of my very first compositions…

I Wonder whether i am lost,
deep in the world of my own thoughts...

I wonder if i am still the same,
running to stay alive in this scary yet amazing game...

I wonder if i am rushing through my life,
in search of something which i find or might???

I wonder if i am going to achieve, 
or will i fade and never be retrieved...

I wonder who makes us dance, 
as per his will or under our own chant???

I wonder what is the purpose of life,
are we to stay put or simply fight??

I wonder.....