Could you just?

Did you know?

No, I know you did not.

Did it show?

Yes, but no one took a note.

What now?

Sorry, You already forgot.


That’s what we were taught.


First learn to see, listen, empathize & care. Rest will follow.

-Nishant, The Poet and the Pen.

World 2.0

I don’t know if I will resonate

With the world that is out there.

Never thought something this great,

Will redirect us towards care.


21 days have turned into a habit,

Of holding hands through eyes’ stare.

This world which was for exhibit,

Is now under repair.


Struggle will be to value things now.

What’s the worst that can happen?

Now we know somehow.

So much glory yet nature made us bow.


How will I live in a world which appreciates life?

And knows that unity is the key.

Where will I get to see small issues turning into strife?

World 2.0 will be better but will we be?

A Message

Today I am using one of the strongest tools available to mankind, Social Media to send a message to the entire world, “Together”.

No matter who you are and where you are from, I want to say that we are all Together. They say tough times reveal a man’s true character, well today the whole world is facing a tough situation and to tackle it we must reveal our best selves.

Let’s not spread blames, hatred, rumours or Covid-19. Let’s spread courage, strength, love and care. My reach is limited for I am a nobody, but for the first time ever, I urge each and every reader of mine to share this post and spread this message to all. 


Looking around I see stillness,

An unusual silence and absence of life.

Nature which is usually full of forgiveness,

Has assumed the role of a knife.

Times like these don’t require pointing,

The reason or the cause behind the pain.

When a force is hellbent on destroying,

Mandate falls on humanity to be sane.


Stop inflicting and incurring wounds,

Do as the learned ask you to.

Help those who need help, for

Nature doesn’t care if borders are true.

Stay strong, persuasive and compassionate,

Being otherwise is of no use.

Whenever times are alarmingly extravagant,

Survival is what unity produce.


With lots of Love and well-wishes, I send my prayers and thoughts to the World. Add yours and pass along. Maybe it will give someone the strength he/she needs today.