World 2.0

I don’t know if I will resonate

With the world that is out there.

Never thought something this great,

Will redirect us towards care.


21 days have turned into a habit,

Of holding hands through eyes’ stare.

This world which was for exhibit,

Is now under repair.


Struggle will be to value things now.

What’s the worst that can happen?

Now we know somehow.

So much glory yet nature made us bow.


How will I live in a world which appreciates life?

And knows that unity is the key.

Where will I get to see small issues turning into strife?

World 2.0 will be better but will we be?

From my bed to the main door


Every morning I take 30 steps,

From my bed to the main door.

Game for the day thus sets in motion,

30 steps determine how much I will score.


All the while I seek 3 lines,

What do I want to do today?

How bad do I want it?

Where do I need to improve?


What I want is to do better than yesterday,

And I want this feeling every single day.

I lack skills in every direction,

I suppose I am an idiot is what we should all say.


With these 30 I leave my house,

Ready to dance to today’s tune,

Every morning from my bed to the main door,

I set myself up as the World impugns.

For Everyone

We often get this question in our mind,”Why am I doing what I am doing?”

And almost half of the times we are left stranded. Perplexed is how I would describe our state of mind.

Now, a question arises, “Is being puzzled, correct?

To be honest and as per my limited capacity of understanding, I would say, it depends. 

–> Worst answer possible, Nishant… WORST!!!!

Okay, so let me explain my stand before you go ahead and punch me in the face 😛

World is constantly evolving, growing, changing, dying, learning and rotating. Noticed what I did there?

–> Oh for the love of God, you stupid Poet!!! Answer already

Hello, Grammar fanatics, everything is in continuous tense. The last line is the most important line till now.

If everything is continuously changing, then how can we remain with a stagnant thought process? and wherever we change our mindset or better yet beliefs it is but natural to get confused. Therefore this Poem is “For Everyone”


For Everyone

Let me assure you, you are not alone,

We all are dealing with something or the other.

In an ever changing World where we have been thrown,

Each choice of ours will question another.

To be confused is natural.

So we fix some certain goals,

Timelines are thereby followed.

But our failure to consider Life’s roles,

Leaves our plans hollowed.

Thus arises the need to change,

Change of mind and of heart,

Commandeering Change is a Doctor named Strange,

And there is where our problems start.

So, to be confused is natural.

Change is imminent, change is constant,

Not just for life but also for us.

If you are perplexed then new is your content,

Life is finding solutions amidst the fuss.


So, to be confused is natural.

Maniacs at Work


Youth, embodiment of energy and crazy. But

Truth, quintessential drudgery resulting in lazy.

Why, a question with an answer all hazy.

Reality, no one knows or even asks out of courtesy.

Anomaly, when someone tries to row upstream.

Perceived, a foul player who cannot be of a team.

Irony, when one does live their dream,

The World, “Why can’t we live in the same theme?”.


Walk your own life and let others be,

The more you twist or tangle, lesser you will be free.

Maniacs at Work need to stop and flea,

Your wish is what your life should see.




A suit of armour that shines so bright,

A helmet to cover the eyes,

Hiding injuries of the previous fight,

We face a war everyday in our lives.

Some enraged, some desolate,

Some caged or maybe in another state,

Everyone had to deal with something great.

Mask is what comes with fate.

No not weakness but symbol of strength,

Knights have heart to go on to any length,

Mask doesn’t hide but helps to stand tall,

We can rise only after we had a fall.

Wear your wounds as medals of valor,

Put on a smile to tip the world off.

In hardship lies true glamour,

Tomorrow is another day, another stand-off.

Growing up

Change is always met with friction and therefore growing up too is hard to digest, process, and express.

But after a particular point of time or more specifically events, we do grow up. The only question: Is it for our best?

Growing Up

I can only judge one man,
In whose shoes I have walked.
So to meet him I do all that I can,
A journey where me and I talked.
Careless, hopeless, and without any plan,
My journey started a bit quivery.
But then again I was just a kid,
Unaware of most of the mystery.
Reality sunk in sooner than later,
And I realised I have the spark.
To my story I became my own creator,
By being Persistent even in the dark.
Good and bad both greeted from time to time,
My past failures hanging onto my life like a crime,
The only thing I learnt as I was growing up,
In the end everything will be just fine.
~Anyone who has realised this simple fact,
Is a grown-up and will one day shine.~