Have you seen it?

I always wanted to be like those

who were the best at everything.

Every morning I chose

to look for that something

which others had and I didn’t.

With time I found all those,

and had everything but contentment.

For I gained a lot but lost one thing

which had no replacement.

When a stranger reflected in the mirror,

I started to seek what I once had,

but I was far away from that

and realised why I ended up sad,

I lost myself.


From the mountains

While in the rush to reach

to a safe heaven,

which we oh so had been seeking,

we often skip past certain exits,

created to keep us going.

Ever wondered why that feeling

isn’t as great as you had hoped

and that place feels so ordinary?

Perhaps it is the drudgery

of simply continuing.

Wonder why we often find ourselves rerouting,

despite reaching the desired destination.

Full Stop

Every walk ends, every speech seizes,

every path bends, everyone misses

those that were.

Continuity poses the conundrum,

for the reason of it being the problem

and also the nature.

Countless must have felt that rapture

without realizing being torn apart.

End, or Start?

Adversaries with either brain or heart

must have neglected other possibilities.

Bleak, bleak, bleak reality.

Falling Star

On our way back after victory,

during our silent stroll,

when we could finally discharge bravery

and feel the feeling as a whole.

While most stood by with their heads bowed,

and showed their respect to our struggle,

you and I were hooked

to the sky, seeking our well-wisher,

the one who vowed to show us the path

right till the very end.

It was glowing a bit too bright

like the eyes during a goodbye.

The well-wisher who too endured our fight

was now ready to once again fly.

All three allowed tears to flow,

two had it concealed

and one displayed it as a show.

The purpose was over and it was time,

a fallen star allowed two new to shine

and while departing too, didn’t disappoint

as the path back was along its starry line.

Poetry Series: Episode 7


In the corner of the place

I spent most of my time,

stood a peacemaker, all quiet.

Watching me take on the world’s pace,

it just stayed there,

observing my life’s riot.

It didn’t shine or speak

or walked or touched, just stood by.

Perhaps to listen.

It was then when I realised,

we do not need any human

to share how we are feeling.

My peacemaker was enough for me

to calm me down in times of peril.

A small plant helped me in living.


-26th Jan’21

Road ahead wasn’t visible

as I had to keep my head down.

Obligated, I was irritable,

yet could not shift the blame somehow.

Exasperated, there cropped cusses and hatred

but soon followed a realisation,

once tied, I could walk and run

faster than the whole generation.

All the way from the start, they held it together,

only to see me reach my destination.

For a moment’s delay,

they gave me a memory collection.

To ensure I don’t fall later and never recover,

my shoelaces accepted resentment,

which we usually bestow on a well-wisher.


Nights are dark because

the Moon deserves the entire sky.

Stars add to its charm

and Oceans too try to fly.

No bird dares to match

that silver radiance of its.

Such an envious beauty it beholds

that the mighty humans also call quits.

Unlike the Sun, it spreads a chill

and the aura just tranquils.

Changing shapes every now and then,

the Moon, the celestial heaven.


समय बदलता है यह सब कहते है

समय बदलता है यह सब कहते है
मैने खुद को बदलते देखा है, समय को नहीं.

दिन और रात को रोज़ाना एक सा देखा है,
खुद को हर दिन बदलते देखा है, समय को नहीं.

इसी बात पे एक बात कहता हूँ आज.

जब तू बदलेगा तेरा दिन बदलेगा
जब तू बदलेगा तेरा दिन बदलेगा
जब तक तू रुक्का है कोई न झुकेगा
जब तक तू वही है, समय को क्या खाक बदलेगा.

आदत से मजबूर खुद को देखना भूल गया है
अब समय है, हाँ समय आगया है,
बेहतर बन. बेहतर बन.
सुन क्या कहता है, सुन अपना मन.

समय बदलता है यह सब कहते है

समय बदलता है यह सब कहते है
मैंने दुसरो को समय बदलते देखा है.
एक कोशिश उन्होंने की थी,
एक कोशिश करने का आज मुझे मौका मिला है,
समय का तो पता नहीं पर हाँ,
मैंने खुद को बदलते जरूर देखा है,

Poetry Series: Episode 6

And what if you wake up and find me gone?
Find that I never really existed,
Would you smile or cry or panic or lie
Or simply be ecstatic?
Would you keep our talks between ourselves
Or, narrate it to the world as your own?
Would you omit your mistakes and highlight mine
Or, let the words speak on their own?
Would you hide my name behind another’s
Or, tell everyone of who I was?
Would you tell them of how we met
Or, keep that part only for us?
Would you do what I think you should
Or, play as a character, all new?
Tell me someday, if you could
When you wake up and lose the one you knew.

Passive voices

Passive voices, humming wishes,

hoping to be heard but in silence.

For there are duties to be performed,

and put up with inner violence.

Passive voices, stammering words,

dreaming to sing the opera tonight,

but will settle as a mear audience

and endure the perpetual fight.

Passive voices, whispering sounds,

hoping to find an ear too many.

Once again failed to be found,

by the seekers of passive, irony.

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