The figure and the tree


It was dark and cold that night,
As I was walking through the park.
Drenched in darkness, everything was quiet,
When I noticed a figure behind a tree’s bark.

It seemed unusual for someone to be
Standing at that place during that hour.
So I kept walking hoping he wouldn’t see,
Because I knew something was sour.

As I was heading down the leafy path,
I realised that I wasn’t alone, thinking
“What if the person is a violent psychopath?”
I started shaking to the bone.

I lost the sense of time and place,
And forgot where I was headed to.
Started running just to make an escape,
Forgetting what was false and true.

After a while when I finally stopped,
I looked back to see. Strangely
The whole park was now gone,
Everything but that single tree.

Confused and scared I decided to ask,
What was happening to me?
To my answer a voice said,
“Go and ask the one near the tree”.

When I reached back to the said tree,
I demanded him to reveal himself.
As he came out for me to see, said
“You brought me here all by yourself”.

He showed his face and started to smile
And asked what do I see?
I saw a park which was beautiful once,
But now covered with debris.

The mysterious man revealed his name,
One which I can never forget, said
“I play one of the darkest games,
 Using Fear to settle my debt”.

Said he dwells inside each one of us,
Looking for a chance to break free.
For every time he makes an escape,
He waits behind that tree.


From the Epic !


From a time which is now lost in pages,
Comes a tale passing through the ages,
Written and told from time to time, about
A war that erased the sinners and their crime.

Fought between the right and the wrong,
With gods and men fighting along,
The war lived till the 18th day, 
After the evil tricked the nobles in a play.

Fierce and skilled men stood on both sides,
Some fought with valour while some traded their pride,
The war claimed many and spared only a few,
In the end, settling all that was due.

The war that ended when the eldest died, while
The charioteer portrayed himself as a guide, taught
When the learned fails to teach the fool,
And when Ego, Lust, Greed and Anger are the crown’s jewel…

Comes a great war where the evil perishes and the virtuous rule.

“Whenever there is decay of righteousness, O Bharata,

And there is exaltation of unrighteousness, then I Myself come forth;

For the protection of the good, for the destruction of evil-doers, 

For the sake of firmly establishing righteousness, I am born from age to age.”

-Lord Krishna, Bhagwat Gita


Note :-

  1. The eldest” mentioned in P4, L1 refers to “Duryodhana”, the evil prince from the epic, The Mahabharata. 
  2. The charioteer” mentioned in P4, L2 refers to “Krishna”, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. 



Escape and listen to the sound of wind,
Escape and listen to the waves gushing in,
Escape and listen to the voice of birds,
Escape and listen to a song without words.

Escape and feel the cold breeze from the sea,
Escape and feel the shelter of a tree,
Escape and feel the touch of life,
Escape and feel with the senses, all five.

Escape and see the world of the wild,
Escape and see the sea when it’s mild,
Escape and see the bright blue sky,
Escape and see the birds as they fly.

Escape and touch the life under a sea,
Escape and touch the places you can’t see,
Escape and touch the nature that revives,
Escape and touch other people’s lives.

Escape and smell the soil after rain,
Escape and smell that freshly cut grain,
Escape and smell the scent of flowers,
Escape and smell the sweet and the sour.

Escape from the daily routine of life,
Escape and fulfil all that you strive,
Escape and feel the magic that surrounds,
Escape for once and break all bounds.

One step at a time


As he was about to give up and leave,

A strange voice said, “It’s useless to grieve”.

Confused and scared, he looked around,

But there was no one and not a single sound.

Thinking of it as a figment of his imagination,

He kept walking in search of liberation,

But then again the voice was heard, saying

“Don’t be foolish, don’t be absurd”.

His heart started beating faster than ever,

As he asked to whom does he owe the favour?

Silence persisted as he waited for a reply,

Maybe it is false, he thought maybe it’s a lie.

With a beaten soul and a broken heart,

He felt like everything was tearing apart,

But just before he could walk away,

He saw someone walking his way.

Happy and calm with a smiling face,

said, “I am the one whom you chase”.

It was success, it was glory,

Who came to narrate a secret story

“The road to success is one tough trip, it

In stores many troubles, requires a strong grip.

Struggle and success go hand in hand,

Using shortcuts will lead you to a dead sunken land.

To achieve success you must never count hour,

To know the taste of sweet, you must taste sour.

Accept struggle if you want glory, but

If defeated, never end your story.

Go on, ride like a knight,

Into the fire and the blaze, live your fight,

Do that and reach where you belong,

I will be yours and they will sing your song.

Remember,Struggle and I go hand in hand,

A secret only a few understand


Silent Singers

At the expense of their dreams we learn to fly,
Even when in pain their eyes never cry.
Working tirelessly for us, day and night,
They are the silent singers who keep us right.

Words cannot do justice to their love,
They are the image of the Gods above,
They teach us how to live, walk and run,
Every time we win it is they who have won.

Bound to do mistakes, we fumble and fall,
Only to find their support as strong as a wall,
And at times when we feel scared or sad,
The silent singers sing and make us glad.

Selflessly the singers guide us to the throne,
Making sure we never feel stranded or alone,
So remember when you reach your destined destination…
They sang silently while laying the foundation.

-To the gods in our life, our parents.


Today is the day for you to shine,
Today is the day for you to define,
Today is the day for you to break free,
Today is the day for the world to see.

Today is the day for you to fight,
Today is the day for doing what is right,
Today is the day for you to win,
Today is the day your journey begins.

Today is the day you leave a mark,
Today is the day you ignite the spark,
Today is the day you wake up and see,
To achieve success, today is the key.

-Live for today

The Café


Drinking coffee while reading a book,
In a nice café with a fancy look,
On a table that was kept reserved,
I sat alone and simply observed.

Various people, various emotions,
Each with issues and their own notions,
Seeking a path of comfort and joy,
They sat, ate, laughed and enjoyed.

Sad forget his sadness, and
Worried gave up his madness.
Tired ones were rejuvenated,
As the negativity got isolated.

It wasn’t the food that they ate,
Neither was this any mystery or fate,
It was Music that casted the spell,
Making all minds happy and well.

As I sat alone and observed,
On a table that was kept reserved,
I saw the hypnosis taking place,
A doctor who heals without any trace.

I wrote on a page of the book I had,
Remember this day and always be glad,
No matter how you feel, happy or sad,
Good music is an invisible comrade.

-Music an universal language.

Four Brothers

There were four, strong and alone,
Each with power, each with a throne,
Despite their might they didn’t get along,
A time when there was no right no wrong.

They fought amongst each other only to see,
Who should rule the other three?!
After fighting the Great War, it was clear,
They were bound to create a sphere.

They were brothers who looked the same,
Blinded by greed they became insane,
Desire to be worshipped by every soul,
Deviated them from their original goal.

Today they stay together as one,
None of them lost, none of them won,
Then why don’t their children understand the same?!
Brotherhood is the key to this game.

They want the world to learn from their mistake,
Knowing that the Earth is at stake,
Saddened by violence they cry at night, knowing
Peace alone can make our future bright.

-Stop the war and maintain peace.

The Photographer


A wanderer who hides his face,
Capturing time without any trace,
Looking at the world with a set of eyes,
A maestro he is, full of surprise.
Present everywhere yet can’t be seen,
A visible ghost who looks serene,
Creating a world with a single click,
Keeping Focus is his secret trick.
Spreads joy and happiness around,
An artist who keeps others spellbound,
Doesn’t speak a word nor does he laugh,
Preserves everything inside a photograph.

Never to be asked never to be known,
A Photographer he is, quiet and alone.

The Photographer

The Final Letter


I write to you with love and care,
It’s been a while, how are you Claire?
I am good and everything’s fine,
We are still 20 miles from the baseline.

I am leading a troop of 15 men,
Camped as I write in an isolated den.
We were on a mission now completed,
Fought their leader who is now defeated.

Danger is still high and home is far,
And yet I see you when I look at the stars.
I am writing this to you just in case…remember,
A soldier’s wife smiles at death’s face

I am scared Claire, I won’t deny,
Not of death but of a “Good-Bye”.
Don’t worry about me, I won’t stop,
I’ll keep fighting till the very last drop.

If you are reading this then perhaps I am gone,
Tell our son, “I love You Shawn”.
I was lucky that I found you,
Remember how we met in that funny little Zoo?

Be brave, be strong and be proud,
I am immortal now underneath the shroud.
I kept my promise Claire, I came back,
Will be waiting for you at the end of this track…

I am writing to you with love and care,
Life is a gift but it isn’t fair.

- A Soldier