In my mind I am not me

An unsettling unsure persona

Of self is conflicting today.

In my mind I am not me.

It is different what we both say.

Good thoughts are uttered badly

And skepticism is always high.

Simultaneous smiles are seen rarely

For one speaks truth and the other lies.

Lost is the bond now

Which is required to strike a balance.

Now it is all about how

I balance this imbalance.



Few years back I had set out to find


I found it but

It didn’t change anything.

Why would it?

I just wanted to find it

And never meant to understand

The purpose and the use.

Tomorrow I am setting out to find


I hope this time…


Why do we find when we are not looking?

Or maybe we do, unknowingly.

And when I do look for my belonging,

I find something new, unexpectedly.

Are we always searching?

Or is this entire find thing folly?

Perhaps we don’t know what we are hoping,

But whatever we get, it fits in our story.