I love winters. I hate pulp. I prefer shoes over sandals. I this, I that and so on.

Yes, we are all about opinions. Our character which we so potently try to flaunt or hide, depending on the evaluation report we see fit, is in fact a reflection of the opinions we hold so dearly.

Now, there is a small issue, bud. “Opinions”, what feeling comes to your mind when I say this word?

Stop reading and first, comment your feeling below before your decide to go ahead with the post. (be fair, bud).

In my mind I find that the word Opinion instigates a very defensive feeling in the hearer’s mind. Why?, let me think about it. If you find the answer, do let me know. 😛

Okay, enough with the content writing now, let’s do what I do always… Write a POEM!!!


Like the water of the stream we see from time to time,

Life brings with it lessons and events

which do make up for what we call as living

but also leaves something behind, like scents.

These scents, foul or fragrant, then attracts

fauna with whom we grow and live and breathe.

Alike ones are liked while most drift away,

It is not so difficult, this debate

“Why those who stay, stay.”

Opinions are what we all emanate

and that foul or fragrant too

depends on the inhaler.

Why shouldn’t it?

Everyone has opinions.

Poetry Series: Episode:3

Title: Sense

So we take pride in our feat

and boast of our struggles

while humanity continues to deplete.

Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

Capable is incapacitated

and fraudulent is celebrated

while morals are being preached.

Doesn’t make much sense. does it?

Chivalry is considered as unusual

and profanity is accepted

while etiquettes are dictated.

Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

Sadly, that’s the world we live in.

Unfortunately, that’s the norm we believe in.

Alas! that’s the nature of today:

Doesn’t make sense but still okay.

The cursed art


The art or curse of overthinking

is a flabbergasting avenue.

Introduces to the ridiculous

in which we sometimes find the new

but at the cost of walking through

some of the darkest alleys.

Source of some of the best stories,

Overthinking really does feel

the way it is right now.


Doubted yesterday,

Trusted today,

Tested and proven

you are.

To some, above

To some, below

their level.

Maybe near, maybe far.

Never absolute,

Right and refute,

You are what

You are.

Never loved,

Never hated,

By each and every

you met so far.

Leader to many,

Follower to many,

Your impressions vary

like the gazer which is bizarre.

As long as you know,

As long as I know,

No one will ever know

What others are.

A Sparrow

As I was getting ready for another day,

I heard a pecking noise on my window.

All right already!

And there he was, a little sparrow.

He flew and sat on my hand

And tried to tell me something.

Little friend, I cannot understand

Whatever you are saying.

On my table was a picture of my family

Which the sparrow knocked down.

That was unnecessary, buddy!

And thus made sense, that pecking sound.

My new apartment stands over his old one,

It was I who was pecking.

I invaded his house while he was gone,

And it was I who wasn’t understanding.

~ The Rightful owner had returned

The Play


One day they shall all be forgotten.

Who, What, When, Where will all become trivial.

Same stories will repeat themselves

for the new actors to reveal

and think of themselves as pivotal.

Old actors will watch from a distance

and critique as the new ones make mistakes,

But so did they…

Past comes back in a way.

Yet the audience will applaud

and throw roses for the same play

because that is their part

and to act is actor’s.

In the end it is all just a play.

I forbid you

It is Forbidden! 

And now I have your attention.

Something really significant

Ensures its retention.


It challenges us in a way

Like a decree that binds.

Words after it barely sway

For it imprisons minds.


It makes us want something

Which had no value till now.

The most manipulative word,

It is Forbidden to know how.


Magical, isn’t it?

9 letters is all it takes.

Next time upon hearing it,

Don’t repeat the same mistakes.


For it is Forbidden.