I never knew that I would become

This person that I am today.

Which makes me wonder,

How did I come all this way?

I took decisions and that paved my path.

But my decisions were as per situations,

Wrong or Right: the aftermath.

Situations were life’s creations.

Life just kept on happening

While I tried to catch up.

I have been trailing since the beginning,

And this chase I can never give up.

So how did I come all this way?

Perhaps I was too busy running.

Funny, we don’t remember most of our today,

But we plan for the next one which is coming.

I still do not know how did I become,

The person I am today.


Few years back I had set out to find


I found it but

It didn’t change anything.

Why would it?

I just wanted to find it

And never meant to understand

The purpose and the use.

Tomorrow I am setting out to find


I hope this time…

Word of the day

An old man sitting on the walkway,

Asked each passerby for a word.

Barely did anyone stop by,

For it seemed highly absurd.

I wrote on a piece of paper

And kept it in the old wrinkled hand.

Only to find out later

He could not comprehend.

In that moment, instead of being shy,

The old man smiled and asked for its meaning.

I explained but then I asked “Why?”

Said, “I am addicted to learning.”


~Each of us have something to teach but more importantly we all have so much to learn and not from only books or teachers but from each other as well.

Without training wheels

Remember how hard it was when you started learning how to ride a bike?

Today when you look back at it, it seems easy. Well, that’s pretty much how life is.



Hey dad, look!

I am riding without training wheels.

Guess you were right,

Wounds incurred while learning heals.

I wish life was also like that,

As simple as riding a bike.

For I am trying to balance,

Failing by falling at every strike.

Or maybe these are learnings too,

So these wounds shall also heal fast.

Life (if) is like a bike,

Let’s balance like we did in the past.