Music of Words

I closed my eyes and allowed it to pass,

pass those long held emotions

which were making my heart heavy

and a lesser version of myself.

What I saw was a Piano

whose notes did my bidding

and sounded my voice.

It felt like winning.

I never stopped and kept on arranging

a work which I didn’t plan but just did.

I saw anger leave my body and felt the absence of aching.

Sound of music which made me lose

the reality which was around

Is something I would choose

every time I wish to be found.

But when I opened my eyes I saw this poem

and the lights on my keyboard where all bright.

Here I was thinking that I was creating music

while I was simply jotting down some words.

I was correct to think that

because Poetry is the music of words.

A Legend’s Legacy

At the end of this path

turn around and look back.

You shall see a warpath

and a part of your legacy.

You will one day walk far away

and some kid will try to reach to you.

On that day, hope that your legacy convey

to not follow your path but to walk on one’s own way

and that you shall greet the kid when he does reach

and hope that the kid goes farther away

then you ever did.

A legend’s legacy.

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Speak, I’ll listen

Today, I won’t speak but would like you to. You have a listener in me. Speak, I’ll listen.


Sanguine words fall on deaf ears

when the listener is tired.

Sometimes it’s better to just hear

the person who is haywire.

Often the solution comes

from a one sided conversation

because answers are already there on the tongue

and there is a perfect time for revelation.


Ever noticed how a child sleeps,

after a good long cry?

That child is grown up now

and has been devoid of a good cry.

Be patient just like a parent

and allow the flow of resentment

because a warped heart cannot ever see the present.

Speak my friend until you are content.


My “Silent Words”

Dear Blogosphere,

Today I want to tell the whole world that I am now an Author.

Yes, that’s right.

I have been writing for over 5 years now and always wanted to see my work in the form of a Book. Last year in June’19, I started working towards making this dream come true and dedicated a good 6 months to it.

Today, I don’t have much to say as I am elated and humbled by all the love, support and good wishes that have been bestowed on me by my friends, family and last but not the least, my readers.

Therefore, without any further adieu let me introduce you to my first book, Silent Words.

“Hear and connect with the real you, every whisper will be true.”


Smiling for real



Holding my dream

Here are the details:

Title: Silent Words

Author: Nishant Gang

Publisher: Delhi Poetry Slam

Book available on

i. Amazon:

ii. Instagram:

I hope that you will read this dream of mine and leave your honest reviews and comments on various platforms.

Excited to see what comes next.

– Lots of Love, Nishant


And just like that…

Plans never end,

Dreams never stop changing.

There is always something to attend

And Earth keeps revolving.

And then one day,

Just like that…

It all stops

When that line goes flat.

But before it does,

Stroll through your days with a smile.

Let it last for a while.

Occasionally tears will drop by

But that’s okay.

Tears eventually dry.

And just like that… life goes by.

Crack in the Roof


Farthest corners have been held

for far too long now.

That roof is cracking

and there is so much snow.

Long held, water is dripping now

damping everything I know.

During sunlight of the summer

I barely feel the trouble

but now that I am cold,

the collapse seems inevitable.

But this is my home

and I shall go down with it, if need be.

Until then I’ll fix those cracks

which only the house owner can see.

An incomplete story

What remains are the ones which are incomplete.

Absence of closure keeps them at the back of our mind

where we invent our own little skit

and keep rewriting them in the hope to find

something which will just fit.

Soon we forget the previous story

because a new one starts to take shape.

Congratulations on creating another incomplete story

where one day we shall come back for an escape.

The Silent Stranger



He sat alone, all quiet and calm,
Hat on his head and a coat in his arm.
Watched the fields as they passed by,
The fellow traveller seemed a bit shy.

Drank tea as he read the news,
What happened next inspired his muse.
Widened eyes started looking at the door,
The watch in his pocket said, "Five O-Four".

Hustled as the train suddenly stopped,
Never did he notice the paper he dropped,
With tears in his eyes, he left the train,
Silently the stranger vanished in the rain...

I told the conductor about the gentleman who left,
He said "No Sir, perhaps you dreamt as you slept".
Suddenly he asked about my seat,
I said 2-B, the luxury suite.

He started shaking as he told me a story,
An army man and all about his glory,
Described the man who wore that hat 
Legend has it, it was a ghost I had met...

Silently the stranger vanished in the rain,
Little did I know I was witnessing a past pain.
Later as I got off, I looked at my seat,
The silent stranger was back, the past started to repeat.

- The Silent Stranger 




Far away from the realm of men,
lies a world beyond anyone's ken.
Expanding and invisible to our naked eyes,
it's a sea of STARS that lights up our sky.

Giant and majestic as they are,
sending messages from a world so far.
Speaking a language of a time so old,
gallantly burns just to die cold.

Fire is eternal, pure is their might,
A smart liar hiding in plain sight.
Forever in motion, forever in the sky,
it's a sea of STARS where everything, flies.

-A fire that burns for eras and aeons




Funny are these words which we speak,
Each one carries a certain mystique.
Tapped with emotions they travel far,
Sometimes offering comfort, sometimes scar.

For centuries they have been a tool,
Favouring the smart and tricking the fool.
Wager of wars and bringer of peace,
In due time only should they be released.

They can build, they can destroy,
They can bring harm or can bring joy,
They can turn hate into love, 
They can help one to rise above.

Words can be dangerous or can be benign,
Carefully use the power confined,
Funny are these words which we speak,
Answers all the questions, we seek...