No, I haven’t forgotten


Yes, it has been a while since I stopped hiding behind rhymed verses and connected with the world. When I say the world, I also mean Me.

A lot can be said about the year 2020. It started off with so much energy and motivation and goals and dreams but then everything just became that. The whole world became one under attack and has been fighting against this ungodly virus ever since.

We will triumph one day. We always have and we always will.

But enough about the sadness and negativity of 2020. There is plenty of that going around. Let us take a few minutes and realise the good side of 2020. We connected with ourselves and our loved ones. We came home.

Well, not all but yeah many did. I, myself, have not visited my home since last year Oct. It’s been over an year since I saw my family and it is hard tbh. But it is also necessary, for their safety.

Don’t worry, I will power through. I always have and I always will.

While I have been battling this pandemic alone, it would be unfair to recognise the ones who are here. My friends have been by my side since day 1 and we all have become a family here. We take care of each other.

See that is the thing. Humans are good at taking care of others but not of themselves. Maybe it because of evolution, maybe not. Who knows…who cares.

Another who has been standing right next to me and keeping me sane and safe is, you guys! (My blog).

Every time I couldn’t sleep or had rough days, The Poet and the Pen allowed me to vent it all out to a crowd who was listening without even knowing. Thank you for listening.

We write and share and create because this is who we are. We were born to create and not just observe. Every time a Poet pens down a Poem or every time a painter paints out of imagination or every time a cook makes a food from heart or any time any creative person does something which isn’t there in the world, We add something to this long legacy called Humanity.

No, I haven’t forgotten you…Poetry. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for being with me all this while. I am certain, I would not have been here if it wasn’t for you. This is my letter to you…

Allowing the concealment of virtues and sins

and creating a different world altogether.

World of rhymed lanes and paragraphed cities

where many dwell and become better,

O’Poetry, you jumbled veracity

Love is what I hold for you.

Love, your innate emotion.

Hope you’ll allow me to be with you

and write stories about my stories

in the perfectly stacked lyrical format.

Poetry is to a Poet what air is to a Poet.

Let’s continue walking together.

I believe, we are all given certain gifts and that it is our duty to use that gift for creating a better world. I hope mine is Poetry. I hope you find yours too. One day I hope we all can celebrate the real me and you.

No, I haven’t forgotten you.


While it felt like being let go

by the hand holders of past,

little did I know that

I was being pulled forward at last

by those who would become my everything.

Least expected ones make up for most.

Separation from the old does hurt

but only for a while till the void remains.

Today I know those whom I can trust

and call them whenever it pains

only to know that they will not only listen

but make it go away.

I hope these ones do stay.

I also know that none lasts forever

and that itself is the dare.

It’s all about learning from the one who is here

and later allowing them to pass but love and care

because life is only as long as that dare.


They exfoliate the chaos

and bind strength,

Tears are misunderstood.

A benevolent affair that

makes it blurry

and ends with a feeling, good.

Contrary to notion,

they signify courage and acceptance.

Nothing scares us more than feelings

that lay hidden deep somewhere.

Blood runs down the skin

when the flesh is peeled

but tears run down when

the hurt wishes to be healed.

Perpetuity makes it difficult

to change and be better.

Tears break that chain,

Tears don’t make you any lesser.


Pace in his walk was quite high

and his eyes resembled with those who are shy.

Frantically he kept looking for an escape

from the gathering of people seeking the Why.

Words sounded bleak when he spoke

like a guilty child who just broke

something really expensive or special,

His innocence seemed circumstantial.

For acting different he became the attraction

and also a muse for others’ satisfaction.

It seemed he was about to get caught

with whatever inconsistency he had brought.

Later he was seen leaving with a smile

after being with us all for a while.

Before leaving, he kept a letter on each table,

Which said: “In every line we speak, every other is Judged.”

Poetry Series, Episode: 2

Title: Persistence

And then we wait

for the fate to unveil

the destined path

with our names on it.

Unsettling, this uncertainty

expects us to be mature.

Most daunting tranquility

which me must endure.

Suddenly the wait then seizes

and bares with it another one.

A new wait thus comes into existence,

wait and wait, oh! Persistence.

Poetry Series, Episode: 1

Title: Enlightening Night

Like the silence that hums at night,

I have adopted the shadow

and have been standing,

waiting for the dawn to break.

Hope it will be exhilarating.

While gazing over the horizon,

I realised this too is a horizon to someone

who might be seeking

his or her morning Sun.

In silence I found my peace and realised that

even a night can be an enlightening one.

Series of Regrets

Another crops up before you forget

the one you just had.

Regrets, a lifetime affair,

must be endured even when glad.

It’s a series without any order,

Often reflected when sad.

Despite having the knowledge,

You regret over what you once had

and somehow end up

with one more to add.

It’s not a choice and that is the only regret.


It says that they spread an aromatic fragrance

when they bloom and are bright.

It also says that they wither under harshness

and die down when deprived of light.

Interact with life that comes flying around

and have their own colour to every sight.

Grow up, reach their prime, bloom and later perish,

yet stand everyday as it is right.

It here speaks of flowers and their life,

While I thought it meant us humans.

Forgetful yet Grateful

What if I forget the purpose of tomorrow?

Will it still welcome me like today?

Perhaps I should write it down

Because I won’t remember what I say.

From years, my life is now reduced to a day

Because I forget yesterday’s Sun.

All I remember from my past is that,

Life should be a splendid one

And here I am recollecting

Each day everything and everyone.

But it’s alright I believe

Because as hard as it is

My memory is very short lived

And so is my pain.

I get to know my loved ones again and again.

Perhaps tomorrow I will utter the same words,

And won’t remember my audience again

But for today I just wanted to say…

Sorry, I forgot. Let me try again.

Once in a lifetime


That once in a lifetime moment,

usually comes very discreetly.

In the end we don’t look back at the celebration,

but the moment we finally achieved victory.

Hauntingly beautiful, isn’t it?

and perhaps that is fair.

We cannot ever predict it

For it is a once in a lifetime affair.