Who hurt you?

Trails of tears read a story

whose ending was not wished.

Some are dark, some light,

some faded, while some not visible,

Yet, everyone carries one.

They tell you about the person

who is and not was.

Comprises of the lesson

linked forever to their heart.

Trails of tears always last.

Who hurt you, doesn’t matter.

They are from days past.


They exfoliate the chaos

and bind strength,

Tears are misunderstood.

A benevolent affair that

makes it blurry

and ends with a feeling, good.

Contrary to notion,

they signify courage and acceptance.

Nothing scares us more than feelings

that lay hidden deep somewhere.

Blood runs down the skin

when the flesh is peeled

but tears run down when

the hurt wishes to be healed.

Perpetuity makes it difficult

to change and be better.

Tears break that chain,

Tears don’t make you any lesser.