Subtle Stories: Loss and Gain

This story is about loss and gain. There comes a time in each of our lives when we feel that all is lost. Life seems dull and the world around looks like the reel we draw out of a camera.

Let me ask you this, how can you say that you have gained or lost something before you reach the end of your book? For people who love accounts, without all the entries in the book, the final statement cannot determine whether we have lost or gained something.

So, the story goes something like this…

College was over and everyone was busy saying their goodbyes. Aarman was sitting quietly at the stairs of the Student Plaza, the most happening place of the college.

Friends: Hey Aarman, What happened? Everyone is saying their goodbyes to each other and you are sulking here all alone. Come, let’s meet everyone perhaps for one last time.

Aarman: No, you guys carry on. I want to be alone for a while.

*Aarman didn’t really mean that but you know how it can be. Others couldn’t resist the temptation of being with their classmates for a final time but Faizal saw the pain in his best friend’s eyes.*

Faizal: What happened brother? What is stopping you?

Aarman: Dude, I lose people. Always. School, then friends from my neighbour and now College. It’s like a fixed pattern. I make friends only to lose them. Why?

Faizal: Aarman, do you regret the friends you met over the years?

Aarman: No, obviously not. Mad or what?

Faizal: Why?

Aarman: What do you mean, why? I have so many good memories with each of my friends. I love and treasure each of those memories.

Faizal: Exactly. Keep this point in your mind.

You see, you had to let some of your old friends go so that the new ones could come. While the letting go part sucks and you feel exactly what you are feeling right now but then again, you make new friends and memories when you welcome the new ones in your life.

Are you with me?

Aarman: Yeah, I guess so.

Faizal: Aarman, Life is a collection of moments and moments are made from heart. You see the down side of here but I want you to turn your head and imagine all the friends you have made over the past 20 years standing right in front of you. Can you do that?

*Aarman closes his eyes and pictures all his friends from today and yesterday standing in front of him.*

Faizal: Now imagine you favourite moments with them.

*While Aarman does that, Faizal sees a smile on his face and a drop of tear rolling down his cheeks. A happy tear, he could tell.*

Faizal: Brother, Life takes a lot and I know that. But it also gives back. You made many friends, good friends, even family. You shared an amazing time with them. You made numerous memories with them which no one can take from you but everything has to pass and so did your friendships.

Life is a Loss and Gain statement for the more your lose the more you gain. It’s up to you to decide if you want to cry about that fact that you will never get to see your old friends again or be excited about the memories which you will make with the new ones.

And yes, distance may reduce communication but when it comes to friendship, each and every true friend of yours is still there. Whenever you will see them, both of you will have a smile on your faces. Friendships don’t fade, people just get caught up in life. That’s all.

So if you look at it, you are at a Huge Profit with very minor losses. And even your losses have left a lot behind for you.

*On hearing this, Aarman breaks down in tears and hugs his best friend from college.*

Aarman: Lets go Faizal, I need to see my classmates one last time.

~The End~

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